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3.18: SMC/RIC Postgame- Omar Samhan with Greg Papa on Chronicle Live

Fri, 8 Mar 2013|

No 5 Georgetown's 11-game winning streak and singular hold on first place in the Big East is no more after a 67-57 loss.

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  1. Chronicle Live- NCAA Buzz

    those two teams Michigan State Villanova is more inclined to pull the ..... come but I a you know I think Villanova is gonna agree chat Villanova Villanova is playing in the best conference in America in the big east Carolina has not really been

  2. 8.8: Chronicle Conversation -- Chris Mullin Pt. 2

    Georgetown and insane putting big east basketball on the map ..... those early years. In the big east because you were the conference ..... mastermind behind the Big East Conference was the guy ..... course of Patrick Ewing. Villanova had a pick my good buddies

  3. 3.16: USF Head Coach Rex Walters and Santa Clara Head Coach Kerry Keating Analyze the Field of 64

    lose a little bit early India in the big east tournament but so you know Kansas ..... going to be Kansas actually like Villanova have a chance to get through that ..... A lost in the second round of the big east tournament they'll take on cal

  4. 6.22: Omar Samhan on Chronicle Live

    did well. In the tournament against rich men in the big east power Villanova but do you think you have to break down the stereo ..... disagree with you know we have great talent. We beat big east teams this year be pac ten teams this year and up

  1. it at that right I think so. I've been told in my now that it is time to play game it's called choose or lose its own Villanova colon and a familiar with the scheduling this game. Apparently it's very popular. Don't choose or lose presented by

  2. his name is spelled wrong standing nearly 64. And over 215 pounds. There's no way you can miss this five star recruit. Big east intimidating as Spurs. Just coming for us is vigilant. What makes him competitive. Love to compete. He's worked this

  3. in. You know as it is occasionally you the better of it the same time to you know as. That's why we you know with the Villanova into the end it's a position for his fun ways you know keep the economy. Keep better. And there. Injured yet careful

  4. could take have been. Believe he's going for par. just got to go out there and we'd like they just play games is what Villanova some fun and easy. Cousins kind of of this equipment conditions I would say disappoint me I mean we can that we weird to

  5. obviously book club that goes pitching staff. The other questions. It was a fun night Torre was and freelancing her to slow Villanova has only goes out on occasion well. You know it's a good player. Trying to to ago there was somewhere on base it was a

  6. have blown. No I don't think so. Yeah no I don't I don't think that's gonna do. No more room to resume play zone wildcats on this major part of what we do that. Well together they're two totally different types of quarterbacks I mean you know

  7. Sixers add Sumpter to staff? 'It's looking like that'


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    When asked if he added former Villanova standout Curtis Sumpter to his coaching staff, Sixers head coach Brett Brown said "it's looking like that."

  8. this year we're not playing you know. The chase game is something that you know we. We just played our game my year and Villanova kind of just slowed things down and you know. to take advantage of certain things just going to be who we are and it's

  9. Source: 'Nova assistant Lange joins Sixers staff


    Sat, 21 Sep 2013

    According to a source, Villanova assistant Billy Lange has agreed to join the Brett Brown's staff with the Sixers.

  10. Cubs' Matt Szczur featured on heartwarming E:60 segment


    Tue, 3 Sep 2013

    Before he was a fifth-round draft pick of the Cubs and a Double-A outfielder, Matt Szczur was a standout athlete at Villanova when he donated bone marrow to save a little girl's life in Ukraine.

  11. said it like it that's all I said then and he handed it to me and that was the end of it. So George raveling the former Villanova wildcat. Actually possesses the eagle rays note I've come a doctor king's I have a dream speech. I know we've been

  12. Moore: I'm the No. 1 receiver


    Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    program recruits are there were wrong move forward who was. Make sure that there's no jobs. Makes it sounds on San quite a big east famously had the same understanding and teach an entity to us enemies. Such consistency and physical swagger. You can agree

  13. Baltimore guard Phil Booth commits to Villanova


    Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    Baltimore guard Phil Booth had Georgetown in his final list of five schools, but decided to go in another direction on Tuesday afternoon.

  14. the defense. You don't point out the numbers from all closed. So I think that was that was you know as a race that was a big east to the talk more to the players about it. A lot of Hamilton and that's. What it's Would have saved. Things like those

  15. Stevens' exit is one Big East bummer


    Fri, 5 Jul 2013

    Part of the new look Big East 's immediate intrigue stemmed from seeing Butler coach Brad Stevens face traditional powers like Georgetown. Now, he's Boston-bound, taking some of the league's excitement with him.

  16. Hoyas enter new era with rebooted Big East


    Wed, 3 Jul 2013

    July 1 marks the date that the "old" Big East fades away and the "new" Big East emerges. It's a return to its roots for a conference whose outlook is better than ever.

  17. rampant. That is what is going on over that. Know how high your buses vs the sign come on people of that sort of drugs are Villanova they are strange. All the sporting activity seems to be going on. Well overseas across the pond as they like to say Serena

  18. New look Big East names first commissioner


    Wed, 26 Jun 2013

    Just days before officially opening for business, the Big East names former WNBA commissioner Val Ackerman to the same role for the 10-team conference.

  19. s really excited. As we've mentioned earlier Robles number thirty guard driven by David spreading came in 36 plays make sure to catch a brand new episode of race week this Thursday. For former Villanova to a deal to save mart 350.

  20. JHU adds Ohio State, Villanova for 2014 lax


    Fri, 14 Jun 2013

    John Hopkins University will join the Big Ten in 2015 and have added new opponents to the 2014 schedule.