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Morning Minute: Stanford holds off Badgers for Rose Bowl win



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Wed, 2 Jan 2013|

John Henry Smith has your Wendy's Morning Minute for Wednesday, January 2.


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-- he has been the area dot com. Happy new year everyone I'm John Henry Smith the Comcast sports net studios with your morning minute for Wednesday January 2 two with a car I'll. Go blue roses and they beat Wisconsin played fourteen. Woody that first road bullet 41 years it's also the first BCS bowl -- -- David -- Stanford had to grind it out gaining a 187 yards the rest of the way. After getting a 159. Yards on the first two drives his reaction from Pasadena yeah. Really that's very very vertical and -- Okay. And I think we're it's. Him. -- to do it. Right now. The game called you lucky son William and having any other way. I'm very proud. Our guys. Do like for it to Wisconsin. No make him -- chance coming in this game we watched the film saw how physical they play. So how they once they lost so many close games to some really good football teams we knew this is going to be a battle. Tonight the Warriors are back in action at oracle -- -- day. On the Los Angeles Clippers pregame live we'll get you warmed up at seven qualified tip off at 730 on Comcast sports net Bay Area. That's a morning minute have a good Wednesday everyone. That was the windy this morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

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  1. Ben Gardner -- Stanford football's emotional leader

    will remember for a long time. So as a Wisconsin kid. Tell me about this opportunity to play in the Rose Bowl against the badgers I'm guessing you grew up the Wisconsin fans have salute aren't so what ..... Grew up Watson. Ron Dayne and and badgers and Barry Alvarez coached him play in

  1. shaking and how his visor was actually moving because the crowd was so loud. But this played at Ohio State and Michigan and Wisconsin and big time environments where he didn't get psyched out and towards the end of that second half. He feels like he lost

  2. can do it to me. This in their fourth AFC. Some of the holes. And imagine it'll be important horrible I was looking at Wisconsin for going. Well me and hopefully this. Could go and showing off right now my. We just coming back. I believe anyone else

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  5. repeatedly. Deny these allegations that they were through so. That is to disappoint in. For myself as a friend but for Wisconsin sports fans were friends. Major League Baseball fans. Then you know it didn't them to have written. In to like them

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  8. install yesterday but and get back nine did it before You know I mean Jim I know on the last best part of my responsibility in. Wisconsin is not a must because medical review on singles both. You. This is way yes in everybody's best view on the fast linebackers

  9. East Coast and back home on Thursday night you Adam I got here for awhile a few trips and at some point work my way back to Wisconsin . Guys Logan Couture Adam and as Sharkey thanks so much for coming out here to our inaugural show on the campus of Yahoo

  10. crossing the video of the hold me back and do more than Nigeria. Things video managers those give our RC is coming out you know badgers are very rich country. And I'm just good to see that they're putting all the answers to good use anything you want to

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  16. ordained here. They reverend underpants I would say I could be the way to put it. Have a good time on the farm tomorrow Wisconsin we'll see you Tuesday that a 49 hours before receiving. Underpants. What what's with this team in the. With the miyazato

  17. were soft today but tomorrow night. I don't. This doesn't know he knows that right now. That's just awful and I. Wisconsin 's. Actually came up around the same time it's over here and pedigree here playing out of position. Those guys who really

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  20. tomorrow. That power play unit pretty good wood on match I mean every morning to him and it was just blocked they got an office was not office and so just unlock him. And are quick to make it look. I think Wisconsin I usually does not want.