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1.12: Chronicle Live -- Shannon Miller



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Mon, 12 Aug 2013|

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-- time -- find out what's trending Yahoo! Sports have a cool -- look they've got going over -- on the -- we don't like -- It's like check -- each -- -- agency -- -- is different including the latest boards today and of course when stranding. Would you do it there then you come right here -- Yahoo! Sports talk live and we talked to our girl. Billy Collins she always knows what's trending O'Malley hello again I'm gonna -- Never been better except that. Tom I was on the big fan of the team choice awards -- -- vote on those because imitated art. And yet Russell Westbrook showed up did he lose that what was that -- -- what was he doing with his -- That's the million dollar question. That Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City -- showed up to the scene sort of words in what will surely land them on the worst draft let's take a look. I've been out that he was boarding. White feet -- harem pants an extremely hot that floor all may -- army camp a flyers fought down sleeveless shirt. The only good part of the -- I think is this is actually like as you do accused I don't like this -- yeah -- can tell you Wasilla whenever we've got to this year. I'm sorry what did it looked like a female black house. That's kind of a sleeveless closer is going to pick I have to say this kid stays out of trouble he brings on the court you can support this community -- you really have a good guy and a lot of -- -- true that any also tried to rock the Capri pants that I have stated that I am 100% again so I've got up with that we'll move forward because I look great plays in baseball and there is a new player of the year. It didn't happen on a Major League field isn't right. I know we did it for the Travis Roy foundation hosted a with the ball tournament each year it's been going on for twelve years now and they hosted at a little Fenway. Which isn't someone's backyard it's a quarter of the size of the actual Fenway Park but it's a replica Ku shot out that play a bit diving catch so hot off talk I'm telling us about the best play at all twelve years of this tournament. All that was our only. Unbelievable I'm -- I looked pain involved yes it did but even the -- got robbed I think was excited for the guy who made the catch. That's a great field by the way a little Fenway I'll look at all right I out. Really is cool I -- build a little Wrigley in my backyard a little AT&T next to -- drag out for that and it sounds good night whatever that -- yet not yet you'll definitely be invited to hand -- let's move to the Olympic sports because of the NBC sports group brawl was involved in the Olympic England's door trying to keep them. Hit the new and young. I'm. Whose sport that they possibly be considering Melanie Collins to continue to keep the Olympics interest in overall. This will certainly keep it hit a new guy now you know and an Olympic world where we question wrestling of the sport that's what analogy keep it. I think new thing and any word on the street is that -- again things may become an Olympic sport. -- here. And you know a fantastic news Bears have meant that those cart collector pulled -- -- you've been taking it upon. I -- -- pay off all I did CNN division they might have to get to work on I agree I noticed or petitioning the IOC to get a men's division. And also a man woman kind of a combination platter -- -- Amanda maybe you look at it he definitely they have some strict rules on this no dancing an overly exotic -- -- -- We're not something they called the blue he'll dance his ban which I would assume is much like sparking the -- I think you're right kidded you about I think I'll I'll not just kids by the way. So yeah you're right you're right it what do you think I'm exempt I think you I've been working and -- -- So just when I'm tired but yeah exactly it's so those are the rules no erotic dancing you know it's working. And that no -- Hurricanes or anything that's not attached to the cost him the ball. So it's like gymnastics it's not gymnastics with a -- this is strictly pole dancing for hardcourt pole dancers don't of the body element. A lot of don't know any better when the great Olympic stories they'll keep playing -- through my mind. Bob thank you very much for the updates then big friend of mine my lovely gal and it's great to have you back we'll talk against zone defense. Billy Collins with what is trending.

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