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Fri, 4 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

We're outside and safeties senator. We've got the street rally roller we've got the Sharks head man the general manager Doug Wilson. Joining us here on the program you make some noise for Doug Wilson negating their guy yeah. Doug thanks for joining us here and just talk about this year we almost. Have to go back to last year you said you were trying to maybe hit the reset button on this thing explain what that means leading into this year. Well we did try to trade deadline last Jersey identify how we wanted to play we want to play very aggressive style north south game. Attack the other team and make the -- defend against us we start that was making Brent Burns area before and very tough guy to defend them when we had the -- he Torres. And you know all the guys that we have in the lineup this year up from Tyler Kennedy to Thomas are lamenting the NL and they all play that style so it's. It's a matching the ingredients of the players in the system -- the -- -- one. So when you talk to guys they say we want to build on what we did in the playoffs and -- years that it's back to you seem to be trying to talk about here. So can you can you really drill down and define what did you see in the playoffs -- this team that you liked. That will be able to carry over for 82 games well the tempo of the game and the pace try to dictate how you wanna play and I think the players enjoy it I think it's. You know zone time you notice everything we do is based on attacking the blue attacking the -- shooting the puck a lot more. And I think it's a contagious attitude that. -- that's the aggressive nature that I think good teams play you don't want to. Play afraid to make a mistake and I think dollar players have kind of grasp on to get better you have to always have an analytical -- your roster so what are some of the questions you have -- your -- you want answered it. As you watched this team progressed throughout the first month of the season. One good to play that way with -- temple I think one of the benchmarks to survive on five scoring we -- addressed that last year when not. Joseph the bills -- was put back to centering the third line. Having a refuge tourists on the wing with them or having a hurdler and yet know coming in. When you have three or four scoring lines it makes a much tougher for the other team decide who to defend against. We have arguably two number one lines and teams have to -- decide organist -- third line look at your line. And thus should create a mismatch on the other line if he had two number one's one of those number -- includes that rookie Thomas -- So what can you reasonably expect from the young guys to try and -- you guys ended anywhere but especially -- playing on that line was sort of burns. Well -- -- -- forces are high end guys really want the young guys to do well on the there to support them both the new paddy Marleau and Jumbo and Danny Boyle. We try not overrated. Over. Promoter over -- our players. But Thomas -- them play the game he's played the men's league and then we expect a lot from -- but as we do it yet though and -- Hamilton when he's back here and and some of the other guys. I know it's only been a couple of days of NHL hockey that there had been some rules changes that have gone on as you watch the other games -- -- the NHL. Did any games that affected by some of the rules. Well it's early I think you need a little bit more viewing time I think it does certainly the reduction of the goaltending heads -- think we'll have an impact. I think to travel schedule with the the realignment. So I think it's it's early but I think the intended goal is to. -- on the realignment for fans is still a great players your original six teams in tough teams and goaltending equipment was to increase scoring. We're a team that attacks in and shoots a lot so we should reap the benefits let's stay with your club one of the moves you decided to make was sending a draft pick for Tyler Kennedy what impresses you about Kennedy. What does he add to your team. That's exactly how we wanna play and he's won a Stanley -- he's played real high end players he's a gritty tough inside guys that shoots the puck first. And I think he just -- cities the radiation. Taller guys to embrace his attitude to. One of your priorities was to sign Rafael Torres then lo and behold he's injured he's gonna be out awhile how do you overcome that loss. Well I think since bad news good news bad news that he's injured good news is that he'll be back because it's early enough in the year. He's an important ingredient to us especially come of playoff time. I think the opportunity for Earle Indiana to get some opportunity. Is enhanced by that so we'll make the best of the situation policy we know. You know it. We expect him back right around the Olympic break just after and if that's the case we have 23 games left -- -- -- be a 100% when he comes back how many Sharks are we going to see in the Olympics there were a lot of them -- played in Vancouver what about in Sochi this year. -- a lot of not just the ones who -- named on the evaluation camps but there's a good group of think four or five other guys have been added to the list and I'm mixed about it you know -- a Laker guys getting their rest. But having represented our country before when I've played I think it's a great honor -- -- -- guys wanna play best on best so it's that makes them better players is nausea enough rest and get back a little less than a minute do you campaign for your guys Logan -- everyone points to him his -- Maybe -- new faces is a superstar breakout year we'll get -- campaign form does that have to take place well guys especially in the Canadian team I've known for a long time I've known Stevie has been I think since he was twelve and Kenny -- a good friend. They'll call and asked her opinions and their player will dictate it I mean there's a couple of guys. There's -- there weren't named to the summer camp that I know they're watching closely. I think you'll see a group where guys being in contention and comes down to performance. All right well we're here on opening night let's over here of what about six months from now moralists and a couple of -- does that sound Doug highlighted.

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