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Mitty's Claire Wang following synchronized swimming dream



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Sat, 2 Mar 2013|

It's not your usual triathlon that San Francisco is hosting Saturday.


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That -- here close to me on the far side Pete Jacobs. Welcome to chronicle live guys first of all I -- Matt you've done this before Pete this'll be your first time -- that when -- start with you then what's the escape from now contrast like as a participant. I know it's just it's huge challenge because you know it's not your usual spot on an -- You've got now -- freezing waters. Go currents in the swim that's -- this now we're definitely on a much challenging. Trust -- Wednesday you can do and I think that's the the big draw card from this race is now assuming from out driver on all the way back to the short. It's it's tough for the whole race is tough the hills on the block in the run. It's it's a huge challenge but it's such a fun event and I'm not a -- come -- back. And although Pete was a twenty tall -- and now this all the reasons it that are making you nervous right now thinking about this and they're right -- at -- that we were here in December of a lot but I know when having an all London you know we'll pause picturing -- back from that. And -- about the stories of this -- some guys that didn't nightcap and who disappeared as well and just think I've slam on type player I can end up here and limit the swim and with springbok Enron and that's just going to be such saying you can beautiful set. Come all the way from mistrial if it strikes Alcatraz was a federal prison guys for more than three not thirty yet thirty years three decades. What is it that's intimidating about the day we know the currents are one thing. The temperature is another thing -- -- the two main things. He had definitely. You know can be choppy as well if there's a bit of wind that the called -- is -- very unique I think much -- this week. You know we can Wear -- and if it's called but it's normally you know a lot warmer than it is in the by at this Tommy Yitzhak. That's the mind thing but I'm going to be picturing the the seals on the Dolphins that we saw when we're here and at the -- -- so -- -- -- -- I'm going to be picturing nice friendly big fish from the other the -- out -- it's a good idea -- that now you've represented the United States in the Olympic teams it wants. How -- these -- compare what what's a bigger thing in your life in your career to do someone Hinske from Alcatraz or being -- one Pete how. I don't know how they measure. Well you know the Olympics is his future. -- just to go to the Olympics is is it is a great thing and obviously. The Olympics trumps this guy from your press but still you know this rice has been gone 33 years and you know it's rich in -- on history and I'm no sense does a team that job then you know following the strides he's been winning his rights and you know there's some great legends of the sport and have won that strikes and competed in this rights and not for me to be still doing this and you know actually going to win the rights in 2006 was. Huge on and you know the stresses it is very special and in truck on history. And just to be clear it's a mile and -- half of swimming it's eighteen mile of biking and eight miles of running -- what's a good time for you what Ian -- Tom then you make distances this lot of different to the regular big distance in the courses. They're really challenging course -- I don't know I'm not what did you do in 2006 and one and you know I think around 2002 and a bit yeah I believe they the course -- dust on a blessing 2004. You are needed 1541. But it it really depends on the the currents in the swam. You know one year I believe we did twenty minutes and one of the year with a current was against us we did 35 minutes -- can be totally different and nothing anywhere between 155 in 2000 speaker -- We know there's 2000 track athletes competing this week in an escape from all the tries and that's probably good thing because at some point. You know -- everybody and you keep the competition level high youth hearing you guys aren't going up against the average we can't say weekend warrior because they don't do -- -- but. Now going up against average competition this is a pretty good a field of competitors here and yeah definitely it's a -- fair Oden and Matt said that the history of the that this rice in the high profile that it carries. Draws a lot of fantastic athletes here and it's a really strong field this year you know with the silver medalist from London. And -- kindness and you know it's in phenomenal athletes are. You know outweighed -- -- up against each other for the for the -- the prize money -- but also for the press station it. And you know hopefully you know it's match already has his and I am on that -- figure at all that you know that's the world on four. Matt read PJ gives -- great luck this weekend in from a guy that's. Lived in the Bay Area 31 years and is still too scared to jump in the day. I have a lot of respect for you gentlemen.

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