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Sat, 3 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Did you know the Olympics the Winter Olympics in Sochi coming up in February of fourteen that's not too far away about Hannah Teter. She's in the snowboard competition and knows something about winning Olympic medals one gold Reno silver in Vancouver. Open for more and ice cold weather earlier today. Are -- in a world class snowboarder was actually doing and a baseball game over at the coliseum tonight. I magazine here with team very end and we have the Wrigley park set up for a young kids you wanna injuries since no warnings so we're just showed him how funny it is then -- -- on obviously. The that ask them this game. They got so -- -- what do you get a little boy there would the only hold onto that when he got as good as a giant and all and he's here it's here on the games Jim. How -- -- -- partner in crime but that's where you made you get a partner in crime all of these kids -- were up there on the snowboard how cool is it to see these youngsters -- I was so great to see David Young kids other -- find time is smiling all day and there all -- to drive on snow and so it's brilliant. Amazing opportunity to see that -- you know have a great time. All right you've won Olympic gold and silver so what are the plans coming up for 2014 in Sochi for you. Sarasota is on its way up -- in my third eleven -- and I feel like a veteran now and I'm just. You know getting ready I just training up on the glacier that said. Getting ready for a year and get my game they signed the probably goes well in Russia. Did not hear -- here and obviously I hear a lot of fun and you smile you look like they're great to hang out with like you say you get your game face son. Do you like your rally when you're snowboard do you try to intimidate the people your -- board against. Judge I engine and a you know you know lay up. Who -- all -- but underneath we wanna keep each other's butts. Yet there's that rivalry for sure that I think competing against these girls for like ten years. Dye Nomar really well and I know you know they're weak points so hopefully. Take it down how much snowboarding trash talk is there on this on the hills. I'm not a lot of trash side meathead you know net we're family basically I've known these fuel for his so -- I start traveling when I was. Fourteen years old and just live with these people out there and my family as I try you know we don't really trash talk each other and less so I was acting out. And then we definitely don't let him know that. -- -- -- -- There you go that's and like you gotta keep the new once you got to give the newbies. Under control what you got to do are you seized your pro Vermont -- there they're not here in Tahoe why do they can move. -- again. Yeah actually I haven't seven I time my home now and is Sierra. And I just love writing power hitters so I moved out here because I wanted to ride more of powder while competing in -- play -- Yeah yeah -- -- -- makes no warning the best possible experience ever I just love Tom O'Connor who doesn't. Who doesn't love child daughter I know I looked up a -- Are you also like -- surfing what's the what's the difference surfing snowboarding what what's -- different feel for you. I -- survey is a great cross trainer Chris no -- just because then maybe she's super reds. And so I mean you're on a four days is different but similar the balance aspect of a kid you know riding the wave and then riding -- -- and so it is a really good cross trainer when there's no snow anywhere excitement goes surfing. Would you ever do -- would you do member would you do the Mavericks surf would you Eminem and fifty foot waves that break -- hearts yeah I know minded I -- I'd go to maverick. Right now even though way and I'm thing to get -- this weekend myself. In Vermont. You got your -- RPM Ben and Jerry's stuff talent show him -- what what what what your flavor Ben and Jerry's. I bit my player many Jerry didn't maple Blondie. Phillies says he and Jerry came up with a flavors together. And it's addicting I would try it because. -- -- -- You've got to keep in game form I can try and I do need an entire -- no big deal as you gotta stay and gave me baby. Game she'll lay on you Asian. And the make the big hug on him at maple is a big part for you as -- legitimate concern of mine down. And use it for thirty years ever charity don't you. Yeah I -- Canada's gold of which I started after the tree no Olympics and we sell maple syrup I had just called dot com to raise money for it scouting charity Kenya. And -- -- -- is pound for almost seven years and where it could be a whole village with clean water. 70000 people and so it's been a great project to be a part of and I went after a few years ago I check it out and is just life changing his heat. How far it goes like you just stating I send. You know improving at this kid's. Life forever and threw a crazy game. Our last question this has to do that SI swimsuit issue you -- and was that intended. Think for real or was that liberating for you to do that. It is good. Head you know I want to dig that I -- experience is in the -- I appreciate. Athletics people and I think -- yeah our athletic -- you know put in magazines like that tell you. It was really -- cold though they had me up there on the -- and that was where -- end up in the snow. So they -- village I -- it at the end of the beach and then all of a sudden we have in the snow with them. That's OK it was fine everybody loved that and it's here have a great time that I'm at the coliseum bring is a bunch of good luck. And thanks so much for joining us as sports talk live. They either haven't they appreciate it.

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