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Earnhardt Jr. looking for back-to-back checkered flags



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Sat, 23 Jun 2012|

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is coming off his first win in years. He spoke Friday about his upcoming race in Sonoma.


Machine Generated Transcript

We now welcome Dale Earnhardt junior. Driver of the number 88 dad mound -- National Guard Chevrolet. Dale has not been below six and -- all season long. He has twelve top tens in fifteen races leads all drivers with that the season and oh by the way one last week's race at Michigan in case anybody missed that. They I'm sure it's been a slow week Korea have Serena and I had a whole lot to do that. Seriously congratulations again only went to Michigan certainly a big win for you in very popular win for NASCAR so I just talk a little bit about that. What this week's been like for you and and how you feel come in the Sonoma this weekend. It's been a good week just. Middle of new media Tuesday you know was pretty been been pretty typical. The team is excited about our car wins value data weigh in and we're happy with how the season's gone. Look forward to. You know -- this summer before the chase is learn how we can learn Parcells. And in this position we can during the during the chase to compete. And that's about it look forward to the races we can I enjoy coming here I haven't got the best track record to distract but it's still fun place. Can it's perfect weather so. For racing you race but. You know so. Hopefully. You know only rain showers and even when you don't drag and Julia. I Ouellet never questions for dale please raise your hand there wireless my team. Please state your name and affiliation we'll take questions downstairs first and go upstairs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Louis frank Reuters -- obviously didn't have any talk much time this week to prepare for this race but. Did you do anything this season to get up to get a little more of get a little more practice or. Do better on road courses. Fully tested at road Atlanta. Which is something that we've done for the last couple years. And it's a final track in. We grew out parents cannot time. Learn what we did. To go with clear. -- really serious sex and NASCAR radio -- -- apart earlier in the week I think in the news coverage he's had fun about four times and you mentioned the word fun again here. What they all talking about it's permeated your team to come here and have fun is that just to lighten up and relax and enjoy it. Yeah I think. But there's a lot of things it. Then it didn't sort of knew that when you come as -- -- mainly. You know -- You know. I know I need enough focus on the road courses hourly. Thank. Them Riley and let them. You know I know that that's not my Forte is not really not thorobreds voted so. I you know you come here and end -- -- haven't -- you know positive that she didn't. You know take whatever you take whatever comes your way and take the news and the bad and the same in. You know you can't. -- has such a good season. You know and -- coming here we want to continue that ends. It's for any reason we had some problems or trouble we won't really. Dwell on too much who is like having -- -- you know come here a positive attitude. But we know. You know the reality is situation is I don't have a top ten here. And you know we just have to you know suing news had -- Jarvis. Due to -- Nixon and Shannon Shannon's steak EST and you mentioned the chase. Did you need to win our race in order to truly saying can enter your T team Juli thank you guys can go on and make a run at this championship the season. I think that helps us alive you know as far as his -- personally feel like we can contend and compete to -- and then we went out there one -- Riyadh owner an hour and now makes him I'll still outside of our team that for us yeah thank you think it makes this even more hungry. Minutes didn't know we can do it just didn't know we got it done and we wanted to do it again.

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