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Sun, 27 May 2012|

Franchitti says he will do his best to win the Indy 500, again.


Machine Generated Transcript

Let's talk Indy 500 here on chronicle live and a guy who's one of the past Dario Franchitti joining us -- last year -- fell short what do you expect this year at Indy. That happens well enforce limited when it lasted Dan Wheldon. -- a great victory and should miss Ohio was done so. You know a -- -- Stuart last three IndyCar championships but. It's been a couple years is who won here at the Indianapolis 500 so it's that -- it to be reminded of what it feels like to win that says success. Such a great race and it really means so much to win this so will be doing her best on Sunday it did to make that happen. Why is the Indy 500 being most coveted win. In all of motor racing. That is this is the question isn't it as this intangible I think is to do with a hundred years of tradition a hundred years of just building and an event and you what it means to the drivers the teams the fans that did that come to it. It's so difficult to win it it's such a difficult racetrack you think four corners all look the same it's to force and his difficulty its most difficult racetrack I've ever driven irons. It is a tough one to win so when you can win it just means they just means that much of myself and there every member of the target team and I sit remembered that of every team in gasoline Alley here once to whack. What's the win this one went through this one very badly actually and I am. That's will be trying to do on Sunday and during the Indy 500 on Sunday how do you feel like your car going in. Does a few questions the only qualified fifteenth IC sixty your teammate Scott qualified fifteenth so we're not too. There weren't too fast in qualifying but the race is a different -- and we've got a -- quite well I think hopefully is fast enough. That's only half the battle get the grab a fast car. -- make the right moves great pit stops great strategy -- -- block and then we we may be human attends a win and but. Only time will tell if we if we get it done. Dario you brace and every major racing category but F one which is the hardest. I think a little different for different reasons at all hard and their own way I think it's very difficult for IndyCar driver to go to NASCAR for instance as a first. Our NASCAR driver to come to IndyCar and do well. It's so much special as they should never days and I've been lucky to drive a bunch of different cars. You know I and so I think on any given day there'll testicle and Franzen and drivers and teams would argue all day long which was the most difficult so somebody's. I'm ready to go to get into dallas' -- at the -- -- -- the Indianapolis 500 is that is as big a challenge as I've ever known. This is the biggest race there isn't motor sports the Indy 500 if you want and you win one you're always introduced that way for the rest of your life. So what kind of pressure is there when it comes to being in a race at Indy 500. I think there's a massive amount of pressure like we talked about it I hope that a hundred years of of history and tradition what it means to win it had difficulty is. You look at the intensity yet. You know we get fifteen of a chance is to win another race. Only one chance to win this one so if you don't do it it stings for a boat. Eleven. And a bit months to be perfectly honest with you it's still staying so we're -- to laugh. To have a detect it Sunday. All right I wanna ask you the hard hitting question like the milk when you win on Sunday are you go one whole milk. 2% milk are you do what shots did they give me a choice of Wilkes over there when you win. My body to go and there was to have when I went -- a good attempt statements that they execute you questionnaire. When you qualify for the Indianapolis 500 and -- says. What kind of milk which you like. It's 2%. Full fat chocolate milk strawberry milk you name it you can have a and I think I went for full -- every time I've won it because I don't care you know an extra calories I could care less about clinic to meet new Jack snow could see months I -- I wouldn't care. -- but I will see this -- it tastes great that spilled milk after you've seen half hers are on and in this heat until milk is that -- stat. Since -- string cast together artistic. Or later on this season you make -- -- -- Bay Area he'll be racing on the road course at Sonoma how do you like the road course. I do I at love that the track up there at his Sears point it's -- -- that his. Very difficult challenge for us the -- of wind elevation to a carried on speed they're physically a very good to attract. A difficult track for us to pass on his elbow. But it's it's it's it's one of my favorites I was lucky enough I think to 2090 is it to race and when I think we led every lap. I was a good day they haven't ever won there again since but it sat. Yeah yeah I mean who who doesn't love coming there it is due to the Bay Area all our sponsors over target guests they'll they'll of Cummins of that one and it's yet to be -- Do you have a favorite between old Bulls a road course -- give a preference of what you would rather race on. But I grew up driving on road courses you know the stroke my first oval in 1997. So. Yeah I've kind of been relate to tell from -- ovals but I know. And that it told that -- -- on fifteen IndyCar races and ovals fifteen IndyCar races on road and street courses so. An order to win IndyCar championship you have to be strong fumbles. Both types that you can't have any -- -- you can because otherwise oppositional to steam roll over you so. I like them all equally I had to have my first love is is definitely -- road courses. Dario Franchitti thanks for joining us on chronicle live at best of luck on Sunday at the 500 I would try my best thank you.

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