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Daytona 500

Olympic Club Lake Course -- 16th Fairway



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Mon, 11 Jun 2012|

Golf Channel analyst Frank Nobilo details the second shot on Hole No. 16, a long dog-leg left which is the longest par 5 in U.S. Open history.


Machine Generated Transcript

No one has ever reached the sixteenth hole and so I imagine when they use the back tee it's 670 yards that's not gonna -- -- in this way. One of the reasons why -- a huge Quezon Shiite -- but. That's the middle like the Daytona 500 we really wanna be hard on the right side. This just continues to -- -- on the plaza and the problem is if you try and -- -- but he got a job that day and hard that -- thought that's what the problems not to come. Is a huge loss of sharper strange that even if you sort of laid up off the city hit the second shot down the feel like if you lift of Santa they become a huge issue. So sort of psychologically. You have to accept the fact that if you can somehow get away -- and be at the job a full -- from this position. Is it just really what the lottery Halstead a thoughts punished if you could potentially have a wedge in your hand on the lottery balls. But if you do struggle with your tee shot or your second shot you've got to take the mature approach and leave yourself a good distance and that's great but hopefully with a shot to the great. Then you gotta like a decision because when you look at the straight and has a very narrow -- -- with two bunkers that protect the front of that. And on top of that once you start to strike left there's an enormous -- down the left side which creates a problem just trying to get the ball up and down. This is a unique pop why they're really only has two bunkers and up with a grain but it's 67 day it's certainly not a --

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