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Mindi Bach 1-on-1 with Nascar's A.J. Allmendinger



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Fri, 22 Jun 2012|

Mindi Bach speaks with A.J. Allmendinger on being back home for the Sonoma Toyota/ Save Mart 350.


Machine Generated Transcript

The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series comes to Sonoma for the 24 straight year this is the first of two road courses on this year's schedule in the drivers that today's press luncheon. Stated this course comes down to two things strategy and tires but it down and you have to ask you come home so infrequently as a little special to come home for the straight. Yeah I always enjoy this racing -- got a lot of family friends and it's kind of funny because. This becomes one of my toughest weekends just because. Yet so many friends and family that them wanna go to dinner and wanna do things off the racetrack and around it. And that's the Castro so just because you're always busy and in the end I still got to focus on the job at hand that's going out there try to win but. I really love this place and you know it's always fun dad to have a home races as a college and you know it's always more my best chances to win a race I feel like. You know commanded this weekend we kinda a tough year so far but the race car and driving is defending champions -- until -- -- and have good shot -- Sonoma as a road course always poses challenges for different drivers with your comfort level on course and what have you learned about each time you restart. It's just I enjoy the racetrack I haven't had a lot of great -- Kevin had a lot of bad luck you know but we never really. Just had a chance to really go out there and contend for the win in you know I think -- the Shell Pennzoil dodge last year they learned a lot of stuff about what they need to get around here in. Every time I come back in and driver's racetrack I learn a little bit more and more it's it's definitely tough place. It's really tough on on rear tires by the end of a run by the end of ST year. You've just. Torn up the rear tire so much and there's not a lot of great so. You not find that you really just got to kind of drive the car straight is possible with the heat the rear tires up that's when it really starts ago and in CG heat the tires up. You'll have a shot because you just took them every lap so I think just being smooth and not making these mistakes and now this place is notorious that he just down the racetrack the whole the whole time. You're gonna have a good shot at at having a good finish this is important to get an early lead them because there is as much passing on Zambrano. Yeah it's -- -- -- track position -- -- but this race comes down to strategy just because of how long this race is. It's split up between possibly doing it -- stops or maybe three. So early track position just like any NASCAR racetrack is is very critical. You know we can get out front he counted. Dictate your own pace kind of run your own your own race would start getting about tenth on back everybody's -- gouging each other running into each other so. Qualifying is always important and Dutch haven't distracting I'm making mistakes. Last time Corey is prosecuting feature cart racing and that was a big part. And your career this breeze started what is it about cart racing that really helped develop into the driver you are today. -- I think -- you know especially here in in the US and North America in general I don't -- gets at the credit desert back in Europe it's huge. But carding just it it helps you learn so much about your race craft as a kid. Know when you're 8910 and eleven years old. Yet they go cart and the stuff they can learn about racing about set up on the go carts. Just. Just had to be smooth with the physical training that I mean I still card as much as I can because it's physically. The best thing that I can you -- shapes up I've love carting I and on my off weekends and very few that we have I'm always gonna go cart race and now. Are off freaking July I'll -- new -- a go cart race. You know I own my own go carting team now and and actually shells big sponsor and it's so. It I just love it I love carding a love what it's all about you know brings families together. My parents of an only child and my parents were with me every step of the way so I just does so many things that that. You know you can learn and and that teach you about how to become a race car driver Helen grieving for started hurting I sort of when I was eleven I went through court images and then -- But you know as I said -- was a big love mine I dated for 89 years straight hardcore report got into. Car racing and as I said it's funny you know as a kid you're always like I wanna make it to the big time I want to make it to the big time you get to the big time like I wanna go back to -- -- with a lot of -- up. I just really enjoy and now you know outside a fellas a very important for media to go blue star carting team to help a young kid has. Back when I was growing up Paul Tracy most when he was -- in the car World Series. Had his own go carting team and -- mean that's really where I got my start so. Hope that candidacy for some kids. Think you guys your time great to beat -- The weather for this weekend's race is expected to be and usually cool highs no more than the Rose seven days. And the drivers say it doesn't matter this course is Sonoma still races incredibly backs. First CSN Bay Area dot com I mean anybody.

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