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5.10: ARI/SFG postgame -- Darren Ford with Jaymee Sire



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Thu, 27 Dec 2012|

Greg Papa goes 1-on-1 with Bob Myers and talks about the Warriors' strong start and whether he expects the All-Star drought to end.


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We're a better basketball team that's first and foremost. We're tough basketball team we have a whole different mindset. Going on the road you gotta be tied in together and we got a group where guys just like Brothers and that they compete. They're unselfish. And they have been locked in for one another. They're great leadership and then in Stephan Davis into a great job leading us. And now what is the additions of Jarrett Jack Carl Landry certainly. Made some veteran basketball team and also made us off. That is Mark Jackson after him most solid -- last night of Salt Lake City sort of the Warriors are now after 29 games last year they were twelve of seventeen in their Mark Jackson. Coming in after a lockout truncated camp is got a hole. Camp a look at his team rolling nineteen Tony's going to be a top candidate for. NBA coach of the year I have nominating. As NBA executive of the year chronicle conversations -- 29 games and 82. That would -- about Myers put the pressure on you right away how are you about welcome back to trying to good. I'm doing well team does well -- well they are sad that -- years aligned with your team probably to an unhealthy degree gave him -- happy cute. If you care about it and most people and obviously in this position do. You live and die within a little bit tight too much but -- the team the team is is exceeding expectations. Which is great thus far parent. How good it. His short change your your 29 games NC have those two you know big enough sample size here he -- and won eleven of seventeen on the road. They go a long road trip went six out of seven. But currently constituted without Andrew Bogut how good is your chance. You know. We're where were better than I thought. We can compete I think with every team in the league -- and be in every game but but there is that. But there's a tier of teams I don't think we're quite in the conversation with than those of the top teams in the west. And some a couple teams in the east. That that we just in this series would struggle would struggle to beat right now we have with a great you've seen we have a small margin for error with this team we can. We can beat the best teams but we can lose just some of the teams that are struggling and we've we've shown that -- I mean I think. Got four of our losses have been to teams that are under 500 and I think Orlando at Sacramento. Com. And we've we've we've struggled to win games that we should win bounce or little inconsistent. But the thing that I think it has been consistent is the effort and the competitiveness. If you compete in this league -- 82 games. If you bring it every night and compete and play hard and have a certain. Level of talent he'd be successful and that's what we've done but in some sense living on the edge a little bit and caught his games and go both ways they really can't see the change that you. Lost to recently four losses I'm looking at two against the magic. One in Sacramento and the loss the Lakers on Saturday were big teams teams that -- right now last night to go to Salt Lake City and they've got. Big upon -- -- Ford five and you're able to out muscle them right everything you're talking about a certain change you don't match up with. When you get Andrew Andrew Bogut will that problem be largely solved to have a better real legitimate shot blocking. Strong defending post guy can rebound and score four. He knows it. It's gonna help great -- that'll help the guys got a track record of playing against some of the players that have given us. A hard time and done well against and so certainly have an anchored our defense and offense is really has been really nice job. In the interim. But that's is as he was a rookie and that's it's it's hard to put a rookie in the position to to be your senator and didn't -- if your defense and and all the rotations and he's playing as Dwight Howard and certain guys for the first time whereas -- We'll have seen the guy fifteen times point times played in the east so it's different certainly when he comes back just the intelligence that he brings as far as -- Doing the little things taking charges blocking shots communicating from that position because. If yes injured he'll tell you when you're in that center position anchoring a defense you can see everything it's like the catcher but got a baseball field you can see everything you can call out. One of the best things Bogut does defensively is communicate. And test this as a rookie -- -- how to do that yet so we will be better. And in order to get to a long ago and I've said this on dissidents newcomers took. We're gonna need his presence and his ability his talent to really get in the conversation with the elite teams. All is quiet on the Bogut injury front I'm hearing nary a word when he heard of you think nobody is talking of which is probably go right right but you're the GM of this team. So you got to knock down the medical people's door I think probably every hour NASCAR's Bogut has Bogut. As you preceding the trade deadline coming up in February are you working under the assumption. That Bogut will play for you at some point this year. Yeah we're gonna have -- we we believe that we believe that we're going to we decide that for a timeline on because it's I was body responds. To ramping up treatments and different -- in his rehab but we believe he'll be back we're not actively trying to replace that position or do anything in that area. We think with the team as constructed as it was prior to the season -- to that we lost Brandon Rush because I think he would have. Also given us a nice boost he's a heck of a player. We wanna see Greg what this team is as constructed it's been very good even with some with some injury hits are ready. But we think he can be even better when that'll happen again I don't know but we believe will happen and now we're hopeful when it does that it. Kind of -- smoothly the transition is good and we go from there. I can't wait to see Bogut playing an all star caliber player with the two guys that are playing all star caliber. Basketball I do watch a comment on those the seasons of David Lee. And -- curry also speak to the all star. A selection process three weeks from two days exactly starters are going to beat us in the Western Conference coaches will be asked to vote. For the reserves they get seven choices so when they went embarked on this seven reserves and generate the seventeenth. And your heart heart we'll hold David Lee had stepped -- -- are so many great players. At the front court positions where David has to compete in the backcourt reserve has to compete do you think they really stand a good chance to be all stars. You know Greg we. Who usually winning is rewarded when you're voting on an all star. Nine times out of ten a coach values that certainly coach's idea that more than anybody. As a player helping your team win games if our team continues to play well and do well I would hope that the rest of the coaches -- league would say. They got to have somebody -- -- you got to take a guy from that team I mean and whether it's dangerous their stats mean you could argue woman the other where it'll probably come down to is. What's the competition at that position and sometimes guys are very deserving. And if they played in the east they'd be in what they played Ford is that a guard and now they changed to where I think there's no center position correct it's all -- -- how does that. Changed David Lee's chances I mean I really have to dig into it look. To be honest at this point is trying to win but it's if it comes time to make that decision and they're actually voting on it and and we're winning -- like we have been an adult who will be. -- you'd like to think they get consideration. If they don't they don't it's just another reason the motivates for the rest of season which would like to see it. As for like three weeks from -- -- -- -- voting you have a critical ten game stretch -- up -- -- goes six and four maybe seven and trying to tread water and it'll be all stars you know thank you -- always good to see a -- eleven to see him tomorrow at the arena Gary changing and I will be. At the arena for Warriors pregame live on -- authentic fan Friday penalty at 7 o'clock or his pregame live 730 broadcast starts and 740 ball goes up tomorrow Warriors and the 76ers.

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