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Davis: 'I'm thinking I have to be ready for this game'



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Fri, 28 Dec 2012|

Jim Harbaugh expects Vernon Davis to start on Sunday, and from the look and sound of it, so does he.


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Tickets in my quite a few hits in my career. Agent Wilson once. Program I was playing Chicago's been pretty good -- greater. Between him and it wasn't. Pretty and it didn't matter who knows where it says we don't -- you know -- of -- It was and ours didn't. No probably. -- You hear you yeah you know obviously Mario. Receiving corps that. A very good -- I was eager to get candidacy. Concepcion. Greg Biffle who and then pass that went out. So must have an argument. That is. Currently in place. National. Where you. Still went in on non contact isn't. It was planned. On him. Yet. -- -- -- -- All right. It's important that. Got to be ready for the play. Tom pumping your pre game. As well -- I don't like sit sit back and watch it. -- Well so -- -- to help my team is right now. That to me is it's kind of like last year you wiwa said. Once. This moments. Every opportunity you know he's in town and -- -- -- chance do anything to. -- -- it. Remind them. That I would. You might be right. Let them. Let -- now women is it politically. You know. -- Nine. Still line. -- well there's. -- it's as level where we want we want to win this game no matter what happens we've got to win this game. So. So my mind is just focused on this game trying to win this game of my teammates in this game anyway I can't. Talk. Yeah yeah and and receivers mean. That's that we have we given what. Mario. Said yeah you're talking about getting hit. I'll always have got this good core of guys. What we started with. Just because one man goes down doesn't mean the next guy's system. So we have days we have a lot of guys Muslims that -- please. Who would have takes. You. -- doing the best he's. -- action. An opportunity Obama. Just -- in this. In this room we're able to put this season. So I I look at this season is this one of this because they -- because. -- went through my glasses and the collective. Even -- my -- -- close to look forward. It. Good look at it. Ultimately seasons. Because of the day it's all about him. Put him back and tell my team went -- as examples and yet. Definitely right -- -- contributing that way it. -- always assumed it would give you -- bit. So I think Metallica. But right now it's one seed. Yeah I mean. It means that. -- Right now and it yeah obviously -- yeah it would have gone through -- nagging neck and -- tons of laws we had those seasons ago and that was. Evident in that. Catch balls block. The lead blocking whatever it is it would take my chances if you could place. We're both here. With -- or whatever whatever it takes pretty much blocking and I think blocking on. Love the -- like that but. And always like had to get you're accustomed to god. I -- my teammates. I want to win. And I wanna have a winning season so whatever it takes me at this point right now it's doing that. And you ultimately cost us is not about this thing you know it's not about the team thing. They put in place when I mean if you come to practice you see -- view but it. Corner routes down the middle she grows in -- I mean you name anything they put in place. But that's what we did and it doesn't work my way where does where adamantly. So listen that. Believe that it. -- like. It not trying to give me the ball or anything like that just doesn't work it would -- -- -- We look at film and we look at how they play different. Hopefully in the same way and certainly. Let me real. Testament -- and I guess my due to. In them so I mean it's hard it was to really look at film exceeded only. This way it is. -- And I'm analysts say that I got to bottoming out. I'm -- assuming they hit -- helmet to helmet. -- -- That's what it felt like him -- You know as soon as equitable I mean it is what it is and they called play. They called me with the -- they didn't call it legal but it doesn't for the I mean to -- -- to bail them is over. We have to move on. You referred zone and in the playoffs.

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