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8.6: Danica Patrick on Infineon Raceway



  1. Kentucky Derby0:06
  2. Hayes0:19
  3. West Coast0:10
  4. Jays0:02
Sun, 6 May 2012|

Josh Hayes started in the pole position, and never gave it up. SportsNet Central has the recap.


Machine Generated Transcript

And then raceway Josh Jays actually did what we thought voting -- was about the two in the Kentucky Derby. They started. At the pole position at West Coast moto jam jumped out to a quick lead and let this thing the whole way. Aids gets the win over the rest of the field by almost eleven seconds Hayes 15 was seven all the way.

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  7. Mean I don't. I hit a lot of it's. Now.

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  9. Strap in and hold on!

  10. How you've been training really hard to set for this weekend and how exciting was that went last year how does that prepare you for this again. The league last year as a a dream come true for me I'm and is in everything ignorant. Yeah well when you and again this weekend I had about last year which

  11. Infineon raceway almost. Pro road racing championships this weekend so that's not motorcycle road racers in the nation will be there for the

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  15. Grandmother let and it's very nationals what the period tally in north San Francisco. You know we'll press conference in advance their race this weekend one. Ridiculous. You know. yeah Dixon right. Yeah. You know how. Yeah. And he news. He not the sort. Yeah hot. Here right now he Which it. Yeah.

  16. got Steve Johnson right here with that we would happen without it looked we have that we who's willing to use right now. Yeah. That part. Right now and it's great everything they can't see this weekend to come out and he butler's night. I giggled about two miles not practice this one yards on 880.

  17. s go. Racing it's the thunder valley casino resort 200 at infineon raceway and his Andrew ranger takes the checkered flag just Running out ..... and attackers dropped at high noon can still purchase tickets at infineon raceway got.

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    Welcome to tech inspection. Better known as chamber of horrors. Where all the engineering and all the rules winners If you cannot pass scrutiny. These experts. Your car. Well enough ticket to the draft. The number one yard. Trying to do. If victory tonight that our. And everything. With a drive.