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7.26: Dan Wheldon on Chronicle Live



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Mon, 26 Jul 2010|

Dan Wheldon talks with Greg Papa in advance of his race at Infineon Raceway this weekend.


Machine Generated Transcript

Right six races to go. Our series even being out of Ohio originally from the ground and barely out of the weekend of August 20 through the twins are gonna look at her Dana well yeah. We all played out intensity did win it. In 2005 the IRL series champion and then of course you want to play in the NL. When your -- an advantage studio. Because -- chronicle conversation subject welcome back to northern California thank you can debate hit. Tell me about the events yesterday in Edmonton got a little crazy there really was that was in your chair twice on the show calm guy. But they blow a gasket yesterday is isn't anti Shanahan -- -- -- -- the us as a matter of fact it. -- -- was I think obviously the Izod IndyCar Series has had a lot of -- -- great media this year and -- events like come yesterday that keep everybody talking. It's not perhaps you know the way you want everybody talking but it certainly. You know what that with the box -- movement on his team I certainly have raised some eyebrows nothing can it was his actions after the really kind of. Created above so as some. And I it's it's it's one of those -- it happens in racing against the point in the season my attention is very high. This is putting intense right now I think everybody understands how competitive the series isn't. It's just. It's different with him one when I get in that situation I've got thousands of National Guard soldiers of government that saw -- much stronger. And you're much more known for this kind of thing ask -- for getting near here your history and everything difficult Dan. Is the is the moniker that they've given you present is that accurate why why -- well -- difficult I think it's in a positive way I think them -- -- a perfectionist I'm very hungry to win. Very determined and I like to feel a sign from everybody else does not man. And a derogatory term I think is is -- very positively. I tell me about your season -- we saw a number ten on the points list you posted six top ten finishes this year we and that noted you have finished second at Indy this year. It's two years that are role you do when the race in 05 and has got to be a bit frustrating to finish second twice in a row. It is not I think the -- pushed -- -- pennant the Indianapolis minus it was in 2006 -- dominated the whole rice and picked up a flat tire at the end. You know and it's in 2009. We have. I think we executed the race confident and we just didn't have the speed of a patio and his lawyers and think I'm -- I -- this year I think we left we we were very strong in times of -- We you know had to look away through that through the field a little bit. I'm and it was just -- -- to -- -- -- -- the end we were catching -- how incredibly quickly learned that in a full fortunately Nellis. And ends unfortunately there was an incident but forcing Mike Conley was OK -- is it was an horrendous crash. -- And you know with that we we ended up second but not nonetheless it's an incredible achievement any time you can you know features so strongly in Indianapolis 500 is. Is positive and you know the last few races haven't gone out wide but we've -- -- throughout all the rice is issue we've we featured very strongly we've just got to make sure we. Really can't execute and and get that first win. -- I think back to 2005. When you won the Indianapolis 500 which is a huge accomplishment for anybody but you are from England as we've -- from here. From your accent and the first englishman to -- Alabama salad or Alabama is from London. Alabama had that -- But you're the first englishman to win it at at the brickyard since nineteen. 66 the Gregg Brandon Graham hill which you know growing up in England a huge name there. To what how does that resonate in your country not just here to win it for yourself out of money your your your countrymen to win a bad race must've been huge for you. Yeah it's it's very big I think of -- -- England as an NC sport says. People really care about. And that softened motor racing. And you know certainly for me I grew up. You know I think in a motor racing fan and my father was involved and -- -- was very good he didn't like the -- progression to rice costs. -- it's you know. Mean -- 500 this is the biggest sporting event in the world as the biggest racing event. You know there's there's so many people that follow it doesn't matter where you lost so it's a win that until when it so early on in my career there would sound you know for -- was it was it was a great achievement. I it's it's funny that race because -- thing having you know one wants it would satisfy you I mean is such a difficult race to witness knows a month loan. People are on track all the time developing their -- -- it's just is some very very very difficult race to win. And you know having won it I think it does -- much fully that it makes you even more determined to win again so I'm not mean I'm not gonna stop tonight when that thing again I'm not for our boys that featured very strongly that. And definitely determines to come back when. You're young man he had time as you noted you -- very early in your career 2003 -- of the rookie of the year came back a couple of years later in what -- and have 22 places -- eventually to win more but tell me about the event coming up they -- Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. Coming up on August the twentieth through the 22 that's why you're in town to promote other race coming up so it's -- -- it did you first of all like the Grand Prix. Elements I herald racing guys were in Toronto a couple of weeks ago when did that and coming out of road track like get in thinning out. How does that change the way you attack the race well let. And they require a totally different disciplines and infineon on fat Haas is a phenomenal racetrack for the for the people that that haven't been out to the racetrack get you've got to come out to see that -- 'cause guys for the -- I mean IndyCar competes for NASCAR you go to what you NASCAR's man coming and then good to watch that you watch especially those performances. How is asking those we have veterans you know we'll we'll wait chip talk spade this one is one of the -- shorter -- that we. Of the racetracks we go to has the will almost always face -- 170. -- 72 miles and half. But it's is you know with with that under relations stuff like that is a -- that we carries through the corners -- some great. V viewing points that you get at us and Iowa and it's united is agree it's a great rice. Is one of those races now where the competition is so hung tight. That any move what it says an opportunity to Mike and I would like imminent but you've got to do it and so that creates I'm sure that's connect create this in controversy. You know I ate it creates great racing. And and I think everybody knows this coming on and so we wouldn't let them before national runner -- course. We are as Dan's going to be back in tally would wanna -- the -- Friday the IRL series practice begins three to four. In those Sonoma Saturday they qualified takes place in the afternoon and then on Sunday. August 22 will be the grand. Prix of Sonoma -- welcome back to the northern California to doctor coming up on August the 22 thank you very much he's not so difficult isn't. Dan Wheldon on chronicle live.