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Morning Minute: Sharks rip Colorado; Sandoval's walk-off lifts Giants; A's fall to Hanshin in Tokyo



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Tue, 27 Mar 2012|

John Henry Smith has your Morning Minute for Tuesday, March 27.


Machine Generated Transcript

Time now who do win these morning millions on CSN Bay Area dot com. Solve all the morning everyone's -- that Eric your morning minute it's hard to say who needed to win more last night the San Jose Sharks or the Colorado Avalanche one thing for sure. Both teams need every point they can get it they're gonna get. Playoffs let's head to ace keep going with the Sharks had a big second period till Belsky. Andrews -- ends at Torrey Mitchell they all scored his second frame as the Sox pick up my -- five to one win San Jose takes over the Pacific division lead. Don't for a -- hit some big win for his guys. Everybody wants puncher so tough and they're behind us and -- fight for points in the early on who is you know both teams are really Jeff Burton and you know we open up the -- huge let's. There was it was a tough game until the positive -- on the 4141. Score but it's good competitive game to them. Good diamond Giants played nose for the Royals Monday afternoon wind blows on -- first -- -- he pitched two and two thirds of an inning gave all warm water that's bad struck out -- Buster Posey continues to rehab that can perform week out of spring high seven innings behind the plate. And Pablo said the ball hit a two run walk golf ball one of the night to give the Giants afforded to win over the Royals. Days continued their journey over into bad on Monday they dropped their contest -- -- hot (%expletive). Twelve to six Tyson Ross got the start over rough outing from losses to -- four innings gave up ten hits and eight months Kurt Suzuki. And let batting and they both hit homers for days after the game we -- up and thank them for an exclusive interview. The road games -- to play for and you know this -- -- experience and you know -- strange -- always fun but you know you come to play for the road games and so it's Seattle in two days and that's sort of sports do and you know. So that's real deal now. Make sure you tune in to Comcast sports net Bay Area tonight at 74 Warriors pregame live we get ready for the Lakers and lawyers. They've tip off at 730 followed of course by Warriors post game live. -- -- morning minute have a great day. That was the windy this morning minute time CSN Bay Area dot com.

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