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  2. Kurt Busch1:43
  3. Carl Edwards1:40
  4. Jeff Gordon1:37
  5. Clint Boyer1:42
  6. Sonoma0:05, 1:47
  7. Napa0:12
  8. Dover0:18
  9. Toyota0:03
  10. Martin Truex0:13
Mon, 24 Jun 2013|

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It was a 25 anniversary of the Toyota save mart 350 at Sonoma raceway for the second consecutive year in Michael Waltrip car. Took the checkered flag. But this time it was a special one for the Napa car driven by Martin Truex junior it was his first win since 2007. When he won at Dover just. So awesome. To come out here zone they'll do this and have the race or did today I'll be honest for the race started I was not. A 100% confident that we're we'd be able to do we did down you know courses. I guess when you don't win a -- and races you never a 100% confidence you're gonna win and it does today. That was certainly not today I thought we had the car to beat it turned out that we did in just proud of my team for forgive me race car like that and I'm proud of what they don't for real he's all. He had a dry -- yeah I had a drought how lost 460 do the things that are out of why they're gonna win -- and not. Maarten he lost to do with nowhere near as many as -- -- I don't remember and I'm going right around the corner. He's got to come and then got it I don't find it because he deserves it and that the team deserves it and now you know things are so hard to win. And had to put one together and then and see the smiles at this place is so happy it's like I got a kid you know and that kid did some really good good and I'm. I'm thankful that we -- -- going to be close I'm healed quickly that it can't last and a caution came out so it's being conservative just you know not under and I guess obviously. And yet as an authority and typically get a late caution here so we want to -- something for that because that is embarrassment behind only and I'm so yeah. You know just there's no reason not to say you know in a position to -- so we just being conservative play. Donated Jeff Gordon took advantage of Montoya is fuel misfortune but finishing second Carl Edwards was third and Clint Boyer and Kurt Busch former winners here and finished fourth and fifth. -- get it out skater at Sonoma raceway for Comcast sports net.

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