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6.20: Toyota-SaveMart 350- Jimmie Johnson

Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Bill Walsh went 2-14 in his first season as an NFL head coach. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15. Despite the Birds' 3-5 record, Jeffrey Lurie still expects greatness from Chip Kelly.

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  1. 6.20: Toyota-SaveMart 350- Johnson's Hat Dance

    2010 Toyota-SaveMart 350 Winner Jimmie Johnson does the customary hat-dance following his first ever road course win.

  2. Toyota SaveMart 350- Breakfast of Champions

    What do NASCAR superstars Rusty Wallace and Jimmie Johnson like for breakfast? Find out here and tune in Thursday, June 4th at 9pm for the full episode!

  3. Baker & Hedican: Is Niemi the Sharks' weak link on PK?

    know they had a good flow work and the guys are getting the conditioning and then they did some stationary stuff and and Jimmie Johnson was right in work with Todd McLellan Larry kind of overseeing it all lots of body position stick position so they've made

  4. 9.7: 49ers practice -- Alex Smith

    little bit you have got to throw them yesterday. A little bit. So that was good gives him out there running around so. Jimmie Johnson did it. Can help us at times. It. Guys some. Not the right not only in the run game and pass game protections and that

  1. Lurie sees Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson in Kelly


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    Bill Walsh went 2-14 in his first season as an NFL head coach. Jimmy Johnson went 1-15. Despite the Birds' 3-5 record, Jeffrey Lurie still expects greatness from Chip Kelly.

  2. wouldn't. When you're taking it as well pond but I came into the season knowing that this could happen is based on Jimmie Johnson announced slumps. Com but now come out. On noticing them these little work but visually and on the kind of what you saw

  3. always punch kick throw things shoot doubles inside in the air. So a lot of times whenever I would've been our backs to Jimmie Johnson is so great to them too. Shadow box because you're costly eliminated the person funny are you working on yourself you

  4. injuries but I. You know my coach just that he's there to the minute he went on on the receivers in this crazy man is Jimmie Johnson close it definitely you know. Any Saturday I don't care where is you know they tell me about something charges kids being

  5. royalty just and composed of panicking go. Brings us to play his own now I need to know to do so talented and that's why we Jimmie Johnson found reason ask me. I didn't admit I was in the one day me. Go way out in the way he could go. Show couldn't make

  6. Edwards was in third to round out the podium at of course after the win that talk was all about Kurt Busch who now was in fourth place in the Sprint Cup standings just one behind Jimmy Johnson . At infineon raceway in Sonoma Comcast sports net.

  7. fluids. And I was. I try to go out as much as possible or to order. Food here. Usually if I get too lazy on the order Jimmy Johnson 's place she's allocation at a time and just. Do you want fit together when immediately. What the lifestyle. we have

  8. other thing in the morning but. The fifth seeded. Saturday afternoon. a mysterious. president. Not as dominant. the champions are. Jimmie Johnson were emotional roller. Best in the business that is. 44 has won. I remembered forever.

  9. teammates that are doing it is that like your brother what happened there and Denny I mean that's been big Jeff Gordon Jimmie Johnson . And then like last week with with a couple guys on the same team it's. It's all about racing hard and racing for

  10. 2.3: Carmen Policy on Chronicle Live


    Thu, 4 Feb 2010

    going back and having meetings and trying to really a bit. He would have been a But give Jerry. Jerry Jones and and give Jimmy Johnson some credit they called opposite no more for we're gonna give you more and anybody's off you for him just send them down

  11. 8.21: Mike Singletary, RAW


    Fri, 21 Aug 2009

    just gonna let him compete. In see how it works out. Back to the quarterback we thought about how my that your decision. Jimmy Johnson myself we'll sit down and do you sort of look at some of the criteria. That we set. In terms of leadership protecting

  12. that's on June 21 and you can spend Father's Day at infineon raceway. It's one track that defending series champ Jimmie Johnson . Hasn't had a whole Lotta good fortune at. Perhaps his luck will change after visiting the track recently his lovely