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4.13: Kasey Kahne on Chronicle Live



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Wed, 14 Apr 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

Earlier -- a chance to talk to Kasey Kahne who was back in northern California as the defending champion at. Other Toyota save mart 350 up at infineon raceway in Sonoma they grow up on the state of Washington and I asked Kasey Kahne you must be a Seattle Mariners fan. I got out -- -- gonna Mariners games. North mechanics and can own talent it was still there and I suddenly we -- an excellent some news on TV. From this ballpark in the -- -- need to be in this is kind of cinco wishing to drool here enjoy your radar on the water. Bob I didn't hear row on edge in the cage I know I'm just from the baseball the actually there are -- as far as the Southland some pretty good contact. -- felt pretty good about that my elbow was up to realize that Sammy got my -- chicken and tuck it and then and it doesn't matter if we're -- Sweeney says. I thought -- and progress in the that's a pretty -- and I -- the deal on him like thirty guys to got some motorized cars -- -- random run of the track a little bit you've -- Internet at least he he was better than two pitches that's. He said he gathering up until car home herself that senator he's that's been on the Florida and parts. He beat you -- from first base to third base and he didn't -- about three feet -- -- -- Take them on I'm not -- -- he'll be -- there to talk about coming back to northern California and then racing again but this time doing it as the defending champion has to be a lot cooler in that regard net definitely a dozen fans and it it tough racetrack. An exciting track and we're I would pull it off flustered me Tony Stewart is by the best on road courses on NASCAR guys. So I was is a huge day forcing Enron back this year with them being the defending winner of the race and look forward to it. How much more confidence do you have coming back that was your first Sprint Cup Series road trek victory knows the guys have to acclimate it's very different from the oval racing. To win they're not coming back you have to have much more confidence. Yeah a lot more confidence in. We've qualified well there for the last four years on the haven't finished two on the race. Two win. It builds your confidence come back and I know the track and know what I felt last year and and that's that's kind of thing we got to work on Saturday during practice to get that feeling back. If we can get that hopefully run another shot at to have run up front. Other races not gonna be for a couple of months to Father's Day weekend coming up -- mid June how many more times will you travel here to race into infineon before. Father's Day Sunday. Lower ranks every weekend before that. You know but -- -- -- and so when we come here to be the first time on the road course of the season but what test prior a -- two weeks prior to the race I go to. Attract an Atlanta. Road Atlanta we go and then using testing kind of prepare for him for this because -- And guys typically like the road course and you go to Watkins Glen and upstate New York later in the season and they do they look forward to the a couple of challenges you get a season ended to do another on the road trip I think some guys do I know I enjoy it because. You know we addressed some there were a lot of the tracks that are similar and when you go somewhere else it's it's it's a change so it's kind of nice to do that. It's difficult because most of us don't have a lot of experience there. But I enjoy it and I think a lot of guys start the more you do nothing more like. It's on about your season overall -- seven starts this year even a couple of top ten finishes. At Vegas and you finished ninth Atlanta you always do well you won there last year you know fourth place finish overall can -- your season that. But overall we've had pretty good speed. You know we -- 150 Daytona are in here they're good in the 500. We just about -- Atlanta here we led the most laps so -- can -- mean we've had some issues. Some part failures that driver mistakes and you know things out and so we're not -- points. Iraq safe and pretty fast I think this really tests the wind turned round and -- -- we weren't going back to -- Kinda one major difference as part much a go between your sport in baseball there there are free agency graceful but today -- to the end of the season before they start signing with -- new. Teams in such as the report today that Hendricks sports is already and you for. For next year I know you're a tough position to even comment on this but that's gotta be. A difficult role for a driver to have to sort these relationships before they're years even all Rodriguez did this. Difficult way you have to prepare the same time in and things like that in have a need up to you without -- motorsports and in the future and I'm looking forward to determine good luck to when I come back in his Father's -- Sunday we'll see that thank you.

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