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6.26: Kurt Busch post Toyota/Save Mart 350



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Sat, 2 Mar 2013|

The San Jose Sharks need goals, and that may mean shooting first and asking questions later.


Machine Generated Transcript

It's not a simple as just about we have to have a shoot first mentality we have to attack the net with. With some authority to score and teams that aren't scoring. Are talking about this on a daily basis we're stressing it. We have to have everybody with that type of mentality you can't be a pass first and and react off of that type team. We looked at the goals were scored last night in the National League. Five on five. And how they were scored and we we talked about that as a group and and it's working for some players that's just the way the game is being played firing pucks from about angles getting it to the net scoring ugly goals. Some of the players that are struggling. On the Celtics -- but also the National Hockey League. -- having a tough time. Trusting him and not playing way and the game is changing and they have to change with that are that get left behind. Do you believe that. What is the rules of the game the strategy that score goals in the NHL lead us to just -- -- -- Know some teams seem to be to be getting it done I think you see a defensive strategy that's been implemented by. A number of different teams. Around the league and in particular you look -- Detroit -- say that. That normally played pretty fast up and down. Scoring chance type game it wasn't about the other night Tom -- -- was sort of a different game but teams are are adopting. Defense strategies make it real hard to to score but. There's always going to be a number one and number two and number three team. As far as scoring goals and they must be doing something right and there's always going to be a bottom three or four team. That probably isn't doing it right and you wanna be at the talk about tomorrow. -- -- -- -- Insurance. I think we have to find ways of stuff to help them that's our job. If it falls on our shoulders and we -- every day we have a number of different meetings some of you guys have you been around some of them where. It's a it's convincing them -- house to be done a certain waited to get it done right and changes is tough. But it's inevitable and some guys are embracing it scoring goals patty -- -- -- shoots and endorsement that right now and he stripped ball I think it's all. We've got to keep Palmer way out. On all of our guys come back -- No I think we're we're eighth overall in the league in third in the Western Conference race now. I think Chicago shoots more Phoenix shoots more than we do outlast. Soul. You know again with a shoot first mentality you have to do to it with. Some sense. I use a football analogy I used with our players if you're the quarterback. And you're thrown into the end zone but the receivers aren't going there makes sense. And if you're the receivers in your run into the end zone on the quarterback never never throws -- -- rocket go there anymore. And that's the same analogy with the shooter in the and the net play in our league. Nashville seems to draw almost every opponent in the tight checking low scoring game anyway that your team Penske that in this third meeting. The ball what's the goal. That's been the goal for thirteen or fourteen games to us to escaped out our defensive game. Knock on wood has been very solid we've got one game get away on us in Columbus other than that we are commitment level is. This may be out of all time high. When it comes to about him should blocking shots penalty kill defense and play. So this probably ten times in -- we can't. Cut away from them we catch you don't have to create offense. Tight games favor national. Would we like to open up the score five or six absolutely. Who wouldn't. But we got to expect from her expert take came in and played our. Those and abuse. Well they got they got off to a pretty good start against the and dead they scored some rebound goals although the stuff that we talked about getting the puck they're scoring some some garbage goals. Your goaltender. Packed an eight give someone what you normally doesn't so good at getting -- -- -- to park and that kind of got everything going for them so. But I -- -- those good things there they're getting. Scoring from all over it and some energized play from some guys and winning games. I'm reviewers. You feel like the medicine and all the things you talk among -- -- doing now he handles. Was that happening then when you were also getting lost. Doubles I believe what was so you can say they've got over defensively and then -- They're not attacking the games that we've played one in Calgary too and Edmonton. You know coming home after that I think two or three here against Phoenix -- about potentially shut out against Colorado so the defensive commitment was there it's not like the -- -- -- -- has changed or the approach has changed at all. News. Does it should be fine just a maintenance day and see him in the game -- well at this point.

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