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8.13: Ryan Briscoe on Infineon Raceway



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Fri, 25 May 2012|

Ryan Brisoe joins Brodie Brazil on Race Week to break down his pole position in the Indy 500.


Machine Generated Transcript

My congratulations as we just saw you take the -- the Indy 500 by a margin of 3000 some of the mile per hour that translates to. Was -- a fraction of a milliseconds time that is the slimmest margin in Indy history. Just like you planned right. Yeah yeah maybe -- but close have to admit what a great feeling on nine K how close it was hit -- You said that lap four was the one that won you the whole why was that. We just had very minimal drop off from the ties four -- you know being. Consistent over a ten mile run Hayes is really tough and at least leads. Usually one into the power or the other will go Lofton and so -- tons of dropoff. Quite significantly as we saw from the 27 -- And I think that's where we -- in the hallway we didn't drop off I didn't have the fastest lap time on lap one. But it's it was so consistent. That's what that's we'll -- -- the average stayed so. Certainly having the right set up on today looking up to the ties is is what got us Paul. In a situation like this where it comes down to the smallest of margins in the finest of details. Is it a little bit about driving technique or does some of the credit here have to go to your crew. Well I'd say it's attain that they definitely end it's it's months of preparation this -- Getting ready for for the Indy 500 qualifying. Obviously the end of the -- couldn't make sure it -- -- on the corners that. It's attain that but if they put in making sure everything runs free. Giving me the right set up and down. And you know put the real wheels on rod you know favorite everyone plays a pot and you know we doubt everyone doing their little bit wouldn't be possible. Right -- -- I'd like to call a good Falwell on Twitter your indicted senate -- pictures everything like that right before you get behind the whale. -- pretty hands on with the social media. What exactly do you get out of all of it. Thought you know I enjoyed interacting in the fans and taking people in the loop I think. These guys it social media they get to see things that in the apostle known known ever got to say and just little things like. This morning -- sitting in the qualify line and I was just sitting on the concrete wall IndyCar from young to the picture on the -- -- playing in. And now in line for qualifying you know against Cleveland inside of what I'm just doing at that time that some. Somewhat like it somewhat not that I think it's it's pretty cool that these days between then the fans and the athlete. There's -- barrier. You're on a Chevy power plant these days getting away from the traditional Honda that used to be the sole engine provider for IndyCar. How is the matter of choice affected IndyCar as a whole. Well you know I think Honda they've done an amazing job over the years providing engines for -- And now we're really happy and they've continued to this support in the series that and it's it's so cold I had Chevrolet come back into Indy cal. They've got such a heritage and history here. You know it's just -- especially here in the Indy 500 having. The -- taught how much Cobb. And they certainly provided the most out tonight said to get the pulse. It's a great feeling now. You know Penske. -- is in charge Chevrolet to me -- Mota and some cards and -- like it was the right tape on them transit. Have them as is Mike -- and -- What exactly is a preparation like for you and your team from right now until race day. Well at this point no we qualified for the race. Tomorrow on bump day there's the tackle opened up the practice. And we'll try to do some runs in and I'll probably get in my teammates and will. Still this and rice would get together simulate race situation a bit. I'm obviously trying to keep out of the way the houses still trying to qualify for the race that tomorrow is really the last day that we can find you know -- set up. And then next Friday is -- today. And we just have 11 -- practiced which is really shaking down. All the rights ponson and making sure need to start the race that. Between tomorrow and come -- missed a bunch of media. I'll be traveling around the country and it going back to solid. Over the Chicago. And and then backed Indy and down. In in in the final that would put it some competition which is always fun and and the Patriots to show off their talents and show the fans how quick they can times ties. Finally the with this give me something to watch for in this running of the Indy 500. -- things one thing different this year in this job brand news IndyCar is this going to be more passing. It's unfortunately for -- dying on the pole is no guarantee that hold the lead for the whole right spent some. I mean in practice has been a ton of posturing. I think on this Cubs punches a big hole in the air so it you'll. You're following somebody it's it's quite easy to get a run and Haas -- Which I think is gonna be really exciting for the fans it's gonna make it unpredictable. Close racing and I think it's going to be very important to -- Can you know is playing you know for the majority of the rice and and not my -- -- -- either the tendon and if you're running second on the last led you to go to ten to winning. Brian congratulations thanks for the time and of course best of luck.

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