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8.13: Scott Dixon talks about his big win



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Wed, 1 Jun 2011|

Hildebrand grabbed national headlines after finishing second in Sunday's Indianapolis 500.


Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah field -- -- 23 years of age remarkably composed right after. They finish of the Indianapolis 500 the 100 running -- -- on Sunday let's see how He feels. A two days later we are gonna take you -- to Indianapolis Indiana bring in Sausalito zone JR held -- -- welcome back to chronicle live first of all I'm Greg Papa in studio we were all cheering for you. On Sunday. Tell me about your mood it right now because obviously. If I told you -- you know during March you're gonna finish second in the Indy 500 this year you would have been very happy but the nature of the second place finish. Certainly is a huge story so how do you feel now two days later care. And like you say it's really all about circumstances but -- you know we feel okay about it you know I've I've had time to it's the sort of look over things and review how it all went down and and to be honest with you you know right after the race I you know He always He obviously. And I accidentally that if you like you must improve something fairly serious. Wrongly made made an obvious mistakes that happen and now I'm. You know I think there's there's certainly some tweaking and I could have done to. Improve. How it ended up panning out but you know I do believe after kind of watching on the whole thing that's. In deciding to go for to get around -- car rather than slowing down as I'd serve initially thought maybe would have been a way to go. You know wasn't -- decisions so. It's still I had a tough situation that kind of you -- deal with and and figure out you know what to do about it moving for both and I think we can all. Rest a little bit easier knowing that at least you're going for it and set up you know slowing down and and doing that kind of thing. They Indianapolis Motor Speedway to go 500 miles yet mature and a half mile oval so you have to go around 200 times obviously I -- ask you about before I ask you about the final. Lap I do wanna ask you about the 100 in 99 that proceeded because you drove the car -- obviously extremely well Dario Franchitti was leading most of the early part of the race but. He did a great job to get the last thirty miles of the race jury did not go in for a picnic kind of took a right to the fumes there's so don't tell me about the first 199. At flaps on Sunday. Although the first one I mean I promise -- worked out pretty well for us we have started twelfth after our you know reasonably good qualifying effort. And that really just try to settle when you know we we knew if we can keep up with the leaders that in the end of the race. Things would sort of just happen how they're gonna happen if -- played in our favor than they played in our favor if they didn't. Then you know we were and you know solidly in the top five top ten for the very serious and -- that -- that's very NF that would -- -- that so. You effectively did that made some adjustments on the car -- went along to try to improve that and we set ourselves up well. To be able to run for an extended stint on fuel. Towards the end of the race we're getting we're one of only a few cars it was getting the mileage to be able to do that and so in the first. You know sort of 150 laps the race was a lot of preparation for the last you know forty and fifty -- Its merit and not of the final lap going into the final lap view you're ahead by about. Four seconds and things are going well turn one does -- well turn -- turn three and then you hit. The backstretch and you're gonna take that churned it on number four -- take me in the car. With -- now you got Charlie Kimball who you're gonna actually laugh he's not going to be a -- involved in this finish at all. And you decide to go ahead and passed Sammy get a little high on turn -- you lined up. I crashing into the wall there tell me about your thought process first of all to pass him and why did you get so high on that pass. We have and obviously we were -- running on fumes are you know and so we're running into our. Relatively slow pace compared to the rest the leaders or some other guys had to pit under Green. We're on fresh tires full gas they're running and full you know full tilt to catch back up so. One of the things that in a sort of started coming into play was that even though we're head. -- -- three or four seconds come across a line with one ago. The rate at which the cars behind me were catching we're catching me was was fairly quick so. That was certainly something that was in the back my hand going on the back straightaway I can see there's a couple of cars that we're gonna be up ahead of me going through three and four. And my sort of thought process at that point was that while these guys are probably just come out of the pits because they needed to refuel. And they'll be up to speed by the time I get to four and on the front straightaway and everything should be okay. And that hasn't turned out the 83 car Charlie Kimball. Was was actually running out of fuel and was going significantly slower than you know the pace that that I was running at that stage and so. I caught up to my own. -- have fairly extreme closing rate out of turn three into turn four at that stage. I had to make a split second decision. If I'm gonna as you know from the stay behind him through the corner which. Indianapolis typically is a sort of one groove track it doesn't have been a little bit risk heats go up in that second group to the corner. From SA behind him on I have to really park it and -- risk that Dan Wheldon Scott Dixon these guys that are fresh tires full gas. They're gonna come hauling through three and four and probably get by me down the -- -- if -- slow down all the way to Campbell's case. And so I decided they want I don't wanna be that guy comes in second here because. -- -- slowing down in and taken it -- the last -- -- -- go for it. And I just turned a little bit high coming in and with. Long stint on the tires and the build up on the outside the racetrack when we call sort of the marbles and gray area. I got up there and then once I got there I could never really get back. Dan Wheldon passed year before went yellow so He was -- the winner of the shares Indianapolis 500 when you watched it back frame by frame but your owner John Barnes their from panther racing there. Do you agree with the decision that it that it that it was before turned it. Yellow but He made a pass on you. Yeah I mean you know there's no waiting -- argued that that the yellow did come out after well and had gone by I mean I think. I think from our angle that you know it's it's obviously a tough decision call we're not a race control its last lap race so. Probably a lasting and they're thinking about is in middle hit the leaders gonna cause a caution. But that's. You know we certainly were hoping namely that the yellow would have come out earlier and put us in a situation whereby. And we might be the winners of the race but you know certainly that wasn't the case and so there is no point. You know for us today get in the middle of the protests or anything -- And Dan Wheldon gets his second career victory also won in 2005 and I think and and we all look back on the 100 running it. Other great American raise the greatest in a race and it. Obviously on the Indy circuit along with Daytona 500 -- gonna look at who finished second in the events JR I keep your head up and hopefully you come back in and windy windy when Indy again. Some time about it not so distant future thanks for your time and we appreciate it. Thanks very much --

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