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Mon, 1 Aug 2011|

Jim Kozimor talks with IRL driver Will Power.


Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome back chronicle live ING and knows what Indy cars accompaniment bidding on at the end of August August -- -- 628. Here's a current look at the IRL points standings. Dario Franchitti atop but the guy was sits right behind him Will Power that's the guy -- watch the rest of the way he's a guy it was fantastic in the road courses. And He joins us here is our -- conversations. Chronicle live from Will Power. Here in San Francisco -- -- the races coming up a little bit later this month you are passionate about a number of things we'll talk about open wheel racing but let's start. With Wilson and also -- passionate about that's the music game that you're in town for certain reasons what was it about. We Allen -- -- it to promote the -- that got the opportunity to go to the blue back school of music cannot play with them. Some young guys. Who have very good musicians. Me knows -- I had a pretty good idea to have a year ago your drummer right that's it -- scale yes right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the road course but in -- nine on this course and infineon on. Things were a little different for you on that they take take us through what happened there. Yeah Rose it was practice. It was brought actually in you know I kind you know as a -- that and and I I can tell I was upon him that I realized that united He was sitting and I hit it full speed and broke my back. Had to be airlifted out. Louis yet not a good on our Rita told -- was that point. To -- Penske stuck Bonnie and -- people on drive and actually. With -- the sponsors. I was very fortunate to. Heal in six months and get back in the cotton and probably have one that He is a mockery what do you like about the road course as opposed to field. Now broad courses why He had grew up doing so its second night. I just on the road courses. Because. If it's this -- technical and so much goes into spots. You know obviously ovals very easy adjusted to programme by itself it's very challenging and thought man pack costs. And knows how it's -- Feels. It. You won in 2010 at -- what do you like about that particular road course. Well it's it's it's quite a technical place you've got a lot of combinations of corners -- to think about to get the best result out of it. And you know it's it's not a false -- European style circuit that's good low while -- year. -- Indy cars and that's how I look at it I love the big ol' -- I love the power in the speed. And you look at the road course and it becomes F one follow the leader is that a fair argument to say go back to the Bulls because I'm around to start -- moral more road courses well. It long strides He can get by the guy. Yet some of these on -- ovals you know he's sick you can -- sit there on someone -- wide you know or not He actually like get ball why. Alex good close racing Indianapolis. It's very difficult ops Indies in most politely that down. You know I agree we have to animal awesome series and I think that you know the -- blocking rules a good line. Is you know let the kind of got in saw nothing next year the Turbo engines. They'll bring in this talent upon us which increases and of course -- Ball while law. Where right now it's on me by an on course now. At their toll and might. Hundred schools now us you have seen a similar thing to below one. What I've done now which is that the IRS system. Which down takes a lot of drag and the -- And I have the 'cause it adds I equals better -- huge it's a different from the con front and that has created -- Nazis I just like to see. What you're talking about that -- like she exact on all best. Go zoom on -- on the series and I -- we -- -- 800 holes there are again yet we we. I like the pretty colors that's however it's like horse racing for me. Coming in northern California it's the end of August August 26 -- the 28 how much fun is it to come in on the California I'll go to the auto racing fans here in this part of the country. Yet -- -- passionate that's great it's great responses because it's a wine country and you know -- load the corporate sponsor of comment here and bring customers out. And the lovely area. All right here's the deal you're passionate about music. And -- also passion about fitness and a lot of people think. Race car drivers are athletes that's one of the argument that you and me right now drop in. Push -- to break the executive the most ready for the outside side -- surface I don't know I'm ready. Things and I'm glad there's a lot -- to do it now so look I'm probably one out and I'm going to chest everybody I'm excited that. Three man Will Power you don't see our cars and make sure He got this.

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  16. you can hit it well. Just to stick his approach a little bit more. Case. above and beyond. Being the profession because Penske were not on the field and his game and just talk about away from the game. You know as far as. Studying habits which I think

  17. slider there and he took advantage of it. Yeah it was a hernia Croatian. Them guys and great year and he's here humbly will power he showed here. Is today another example of belt and continue to get more comfortable Clinton and a higher spot in the

  18. Baseball uniform you benefits. You know obviously the arch rival's uniform. Sergio Romo said he's the best example of will power I've ever seen in my life so. They're just happy after two Tommy Johnson he's gonna get an opportunity again

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