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  1. Former Sox player set to become US ambassador


    Fri, 1 Nov 2013

    If confirmed by the Senate, former White Sox outfielder Mark Gilbert is set to become the U.S. ambassador to New Zealand , according to USA Today.

  2. Former White Sox player Gilbert set to become US ambassador


    Thu, 31 Oct 2013

    If confirmed by the Senate, Former White Sox outfielder Mark Gilbert is set to become the U.S. ambassador to New Zealand , according to USA Today.

  3. up a groin injury would like to see. So the 49ers and in anticipation of rain on Friday will be moving their practice. we rugby field outside London. Zorn expects wide receiver Mario Manningham to play in Sunday's game. He remains on the reserve physically

  4. 'Football nerd' Okoye looks ahead to '14 training camp


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    Lawrence Okoye could pursue rugby , Olympic discus or law school. But the physical specimen made one thing clear: He's all about football.

  5. they'll go there and heard those guys and come home and have a week off. I wanna see the pretty pictures of them playing rugby and cricket. And kicking a soccer ball around the pitch with some of the members of Manchester United. I don't think that

  6. of sports oracle team USA. It again winning for the seventh straight time facing elimination at the Americans coupled team New Zealand . One more raised in the San Francisco Bay today for the America's cup. I'm not afraid that we more than. That was the

  7. that's right. Lawrence play defense or will be making his first appearance in an American football game. He's the former rugby star from England. Who turned into it discus thrower and ended up in the Olympics a year ago but he has never played football

  8. Francisco 49ers training camp roster is a guy who has never played football in his life. Lawrence clay from the UK here's a rugby player he decides to throw the discus what happens but a year later he's throwing the biscuits in the Olympics. For England

  9. other laws and Hamlet you know anomaly a good gathers you guys didn't believe what what. And had this chance you know here rugby medical team and I know we're about guys they bring and you know probably hemisphere is because they have not been as their

  10. have boat race. Italy's process sat out and protest over rule change it if police puts them at a disadvantage. So emirates team New Zealand sailed a walk around San Francisco Bay course to officially win the first. Of several matches.

  11. New Zealand native Purcell took unlikely path to Eagles camp


    Sat, 1 Jun 2013

    Chip Kelly liked massive lineman Nic Purcell enough to try to bring him to Oregon from New Zealand . It didn't work, but Purcell now has the chance to compete for a roster spot with the Eagles.

  12. 49ers rookie camp highly competitive


    Tue, 14 May 2013

    and field star discus thrower they sign him as a free agent may bring an end. But he's discus thrower maybe a little bit rugby . What do you learn what does he know American football I think you learn like how to. Put on shoes and I I was sorry it that

  13. m excited nor coaches Thompson is. The that challenge. For coach for him in and want to see him be successful. Here's a rugby player for Losing older than me just to hook up. Being discus story the age of 182 years later he's he's throwing in the

  14. of seeing the guy can actually play the boys never put on pads and played in an American football games and he's a former rugby player. Stuff phenomenal athlete nothing to lose for the 49ers it's going to be fun to watch Mayo go very sarcastic and today

  15. Patriot tall black. I sleep tonight and my team win leads. you went through me and I start living up to expectations at all blacks and I did my best I times. What do you think this is gonna do for your team let's say we gave out of first place. Those

  16. Rugby finds home at Bellarmine


    Mon, 29 Apr 2013

    and head out to a game with a Bellamy and rugby young man on the waterproof and it doesn ..... That's as long as When you think of rugby you probably think the big hits big guys ..... study hall. This is development boys' rugby team just an hour before a huge game with

  17. 49ers do homework on British Olympian-turned-defensive end


    Thu, 11 Apr 2013

    Looking to bolster the defensive line, the 49ers entertained a 21-year-old British Olympian rugby player who's never played football.

  18. won't go do it in advance smaller corner it gives the although it does look like management. Not supposed to that's the rugby team was when I was leaders on television as any tournaments on. I short corner did he rotated out of it possible this Right

  19. now he's in the hips. My daughter's fascinated him wrapped around me who so you know. So he's gonna do have a big play rugby is hoping you quit you have and more. You have these sort of Islam when we passing game. With the bigger better.

  20. strikes or three run homer. There's going in management group and just well played game by some. It always starts with the New Zealand . So zone. That would double America with Pablo. And walk very slow right Bronco great game. Week. We're going to have