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11.17: Tony Hawk joins Greg Papa on Chronicle Live



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I think it was his stay here. Usually. The -- we've been in general lines he was in trouble then I fell Eunice who's gonna stay scared and -- Permanent sponsors who have come out and do the same stuff this having him might actually state that whenever -- roll right. Forget it. I don't know. I don't know. Greta I don't know if there's this beside them and they obviously saw stars that are based there. And he doesn't make their owners at all it's maybe because he's hesitant and it kind of shot -- -- -- isn't his speed. And you know the big. Big sportsman as a compliment -- -- experience. It's always nice to win. This game was important. Now tomorrow's an X games look forward to our. And on the. Yeah. Was nice and you know obviously wanna be closer European friends in first place -- -- far -- as is possible it is you know you can't. Do much about there's about their play as hard as you can -- into. And end up so we're fortunate we're in the situation we are now we just continue to play hard -- pays off. I was allowed me. -- and the Buick has been all right now -- futures. Any estimate yet movies you want to hit it is trying to do sit out there and make the right. Take the right post until it take pitches their balls this -- -- strike zone. And I'm doing them more lately and I. You know was last yeah I have no influencing the world here but it reflects. And now we'll suddenly. Terrible I think. Miniature golf. Possession and hit home runs and I'm not only here at Daytona there's a guy like Batista. Obviously Cabrera those kind of guys. Yeah I can. Hit some home runs animals him. So it's. You can try to you know. It was exciting it was exciting had to play against taboo we just play against and now playing against Texas. I think from both sides he didn't get up. When they do in the big situation -- runners on they get excited at the same thing from our side those kind of back and forth that. You know kind of -- -- over it.

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  1. Crisp didn't think his home run would stay fair

    Big sportsman as a compliment experience. It's always nice to win. This game was important. Now tomorrow's an X games look forward to our. And on the. Yeah. Was nice and you know obviously wanna be closer European friends in first place

  2. Brodie & Kevin: Rest well earned

    the things that. To make two media let's talk about who's gonna play goal was here coach gonna get fired if we lose X games so all of a sudden. They're not asking those questions were talking about him yet silly comments. Two things into perspective

  3. 2.12.: John McEnroe on the SAP Open

    twenty years ago thirty years ago that golf would whip are you know Watson arabians and at bowling and poker ran. The X games old is somebody it became an so we've got to think out of the box wonder attract fans. So you mentioned the Djokovic

  4. Matt & Mindi: You have to find a way to get Vernon Davis the ball

    d seen how that it on about how Pete Carroll. And the it definitely the right it is a couple kneel downs and move on X games in four days I think they can help your players personally more. Plays possibly after that if you keep the safety wipe

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  14. Got news Terrelle Pryor was back on the practice field Thursday bad news. he was limited worse news ESPN reporting prior is unlikely to play following his concussion. Last weekend Dennis Allen. Noncommittal about it. His quarterback

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    thing and his team better than expected. If he can lead the Raiders to victory in Denver, his stock will fly a mile high. ESPN would like you to come and see. Tune in for Peyton Manning, stay for the new-age phenom. Pryor's creativity gives the

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