Romo's Relief: Showdown with the Dodgers



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Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

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I've coached and they're gonna play Jacksonville and Jacksonville. Is -- else does that make Jacksonville dangerous or does it just make them -- it makes them. Dangerous because he eventually they're gonna be somebody I mean he's not -- -- sixteen games not wanna -- So they're looking for somebody that led -- in Gardner looking for somebody that they kind of go on and think that they've got it made to look for somebody that all of a sudden -- didn't get. And I think that's why he got a crush them in the beginning come out you jump on with both feet -- steady set not -- -- That day is that million look at for somebody -- you need to look somewhere else and it becomes very important now that's why. But that what we talked about before about -- in the but what are we play ample work play and the window next week we're all. This week we're playing in the go into the back and we need to win and we need a bit and that becomes kind of the rallying cry that you can have. And that keeps you from fall asleep at the switch to let somebody else flawlessly and that. Jacksonville had an -- game but he -- -- is that they should make him make plays they shouldn't play the front of the net against somebody. Yeah got it on and I'm Janice yeah you don't wanna be an Arsenal boss you don't wanna be that got -- to -- and I. The league being that guy don't already dead guy that gives them their first win in this this team is dangerous because they have nothing. It's good to lose you know they've lost they want to win a football game they just go up and just kind of run around and play make big plays happen with the whole thing so there's no pressure on them because we lost all their football games to date right now so. Don't be that guy that should be the theme for the for this week don't be that guy or not on our watch not -- -- -- I think you're Chad -- -- okay up and down had an interception today they -- -- Maurice Jones-Drew went to Dallas now. Here locally in the Bears in the -- he's a pretty good running it was a very good running back gonna pick in the west there's a quick out there. NFL pro teams are all reasons about the B. All and six I mean it just one little things that happened Owens and the whatever they are there's always that they got trolls they want to college the big timers. Now I'm well. Either way they're going to London to take on Jacksonville and -- who. He'll be with the 49ers in London and our coverage will begin. -- -- --

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    they shouldn't play the front of the net against somebody. Yeah got it on and I'm Janice yeah you don't wanna be an Arsenal boss you don't wanna be that got to and I. The league being that guy don't already dead guy that gives them their first

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    himself. And he knows he has pitches were formed and Penn with the and today first games little different. In this game loses arsenal 's. It was definitely. Change up or something like Peppers and in this game yet was locating his fastball was well yeah

  1. week in the game and know we need. On sesame place where it is. They they they play. When nine exist in existence. And Arsenal . Like that in 94. This. If they today deeply. A great team offense defense. You know they would do it So to me it's

  2. games and where we want to Alter at all it you guys are going and so. We look forward to going down there was you know for Arsenal please. Just have to Different guys and so we feel comfortable with the. He slides back. We're pretty easily. Yes I

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    animal for food and proposals. it'll haunt you in the beginning. I don't know I believe rebels Right. Here. The missile Arsenal what do you so both of us monkeys it will always important people think it. Those we're going home you know I was right

  4. repetitive it's going to be. I guess I could do very good do you got a lot of speed out on a lot of newcomers got a lot of people Arsenal won't balloon and alone. And your game. Morons. Hey that's my game and you know I might have a look past and we'll

  5. just it it's it has really down. Kind of the in great taste in intuit and then you put in mango managed to super. Super Arsenal in your mouth it's celebration amount about his Elusive as you are in the ring a little bit about you know what's going

  6. started training camp that. To make a play for you and you can count me to make that play that's on the one. Submission Arsenal met that'll give him make those plays form he had the confidence and if he gets in trouble look for 45.

  7. you know he is things are different to me he has minerals CMA. He's god some post work out products. That I don't in my Arsenal I have a lifestyle company. And those are the kind of products that I make it nutrition 53. And he makes things more towards

  8. awesome now. All real all porcelain is that Chelsea had taken yeah I don't say that none of Chelsea yet. But I'll go to Arsenal that's not so bad alright look he started martial arts films much done little element that was a big Bruce Lee fan. And

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  10. when you're when you're starting as opposed relieve meaning more than two pitches they got to have early on multiple pitch Arsenal he's been doing and he's been nothing but solid for this team. From day one this season whether it's in the bullpen

  11. had thought he threw the ball well or mean. You know as it looks like he has pretty good he has command of both sides can arsenal 's short slider to a couple change ups. You know he's probably not used to. And he's someone pluses but that's that

  12. ve said it before I think he's. You know really Smart he knows when to call certain plays and it's got a lot in his Arsenal . Think the fact that he mixes up his zones and is immense. Come I think helps out a Yeah. We put in a lot and knows just

  13. But they did have a chance to explain there's similarities yeah. Definitely you know you know seven or. He's got a good Arsenal and in fact it saves. Q did you discuss nothing good not good. His pitches. we'll I think it's good. You know you seems

  14. is a game of well obviously Executing game plans. You know I managed but also. Paying attention to detail and talk about arsenal 's ought to minimize that at all I just don't want chip and all my business this that that this. Actually signed or not

  15. bit in the exhibition series teams they need for. He's doing well in tough last on the street and as usual the relievers. Arsenal . Yet think this mean from the first person I've talked to on this organization until today and everybody's been Outstanding

  16. the series. How big is Klay Thompson dictating matches are always gonna have to have the clay found out you know we had a Arsenal and Harrison they're very good job. Other a couple of times Tony was able to get into the pick and make some plays but overall

  17. minutes and then the hockey kind of settles and I about last night in saint louis' and in Chicago there that he's come over Arsenal you about him in the game and it became kind of settles him. It will be hard of course it's playoffs should be. It's

  18. further. You're just trying to make solid contact you're trying to hit one of the park what are you trying to do. Global Arsenal doesn't come down to just two outs in the ninth I mean it may appear to be that way there's not a lot of good baseball

  19. course thought that the media keeps talking about his first time he had no idea. That's caddie managed expectations. And an Arsenal last year not just a fan. But for yourself. On hand to. Mean it's accurate and it's predictions on the slant and didn

  20. best in that category from clutch floater down the lane to pull up jumpers in the face of an opponent. Jack has quite the Arsenal of offensive moves. But how are his skill when it comes to a running game of course you weren't are running rebels but the