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7.17: Joe Cannon, RAW



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Thu, 15 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Rob that's right I do love the crossover watch each and everyday and that's why I've invited the -- we shall be able to join us and our little program here. -- I gotta ask you you get ready for this huge enormous interview wire people -- cell phones. Hey you like girl -- pop up did you see. Peek through the soap and -- and hit me on my collarbone. Yes and then actually it was my fault for not catching it this guy's one of the most on athletic people you'll ever see -- or stage manager it's tough. It is soft. Second half. I say tell stop until stop you now please end it. Well as if I -- a marked their tomorrow hey it's gonna affect my career and I do have a case so. It's unfortunate for us was these managers around there he's there make a bottoming out anyways back -- here. Tell -- -- stinking trap is what I would tell you because we're talking summer slam it's coming up over the weekend in LA what's the match you're most looking for true. Off for me it's a no brainer it's the match between -- on kick and Brock Lesnar. And trying to figure out how Paul Raymond will find a way to. Inject himself in that match I'm expecting blood I'm expecting. At least one broken or fractured bone in some way. There's just you know -- it's a good storyline and I like the idea that Paul Nieminen punk were boys for so many years and now. Just like any relationship it's come to a bad and so Timmy got I'm excited I'm gonna get on a plane on Friday and get out there and watch it and relax in real time so I'm really pumped about it -- turn into a huge nerd in me a really big nerds. No that is known leader -- and when it comes to fractures I'm pro compound fracture by the way let's talk about Daniel Bryan he is a dirty feet again. A dirty begin he takes unseen. Is this the match on CNN -- Gil turns out everyone although I don't seem to wins in this one. You know I try to we figured out how possibly John -- can go steal because he's got so much of the make -- wish -- he is doing great things. And I see you on that begin stuff. I don't understand why did the energy to fight for 3040 minutes without some protein some -- red -- this America. Daniel Bryan where should I say. Brian Daniels and if that is your real name. Let me tell me. Meat what kind of state would you see this guy how you prepare the stake for Daniel Bryan begins gum. I would give him why I would get a look good. And you see rare -- -- I would -- you know truffle Mac and cheese probably on the side there. Load up as many animal by products is like -- in one meal just put his stomach in the shock in. And sent him in the hospital look at it like I'd imagine after being V and for so long that first fight -- -- cant go down smoothly. That would end poorly for all of us I think we all agree on that one -- if -- put you in charge -- WW weeks what match what's the classic match you would put together that you know what war really wanna see the most. I know I would love to see I'd love to see punk and stone cold Steve Austin. Because there those are two of the most on anti establishment's. You know don't give a two to about what you had to say or what you think about them but also coming from two different angles and I got Chicago. Kind of grew up there all these jams and he got his rough neck tax is guide -- -- Beers on his head. I'd love to see that I think he would BA an executive's nightmare but I think for the fans we would we would love it I would lose my mind. That would be pretty cool I would like to see that as well but I'd also like to see -- Rick flair at some point now I'm gonna make a smooth transition. To Premier League action on NBC and I. Right Premier League -- energy you went from -- and you to a Liverpool fan Michelle beatle why -- use such a soccer just the bell. Why have you turned on a beautiful team. Well but not only -- -- soccer does Belgium now to get it all nowadays changes from Manchester United Liverpool I then went from Liverpool. -- -- -- The reality in my situation specifically. Is that I am brand new to this whole thing odds of Premier League so I do have a little research should do I need to. Kind of get to know some of the characters some of the managers some of the back stories. When I asked Rebecca -- actually is I asked I asked for advice I said. I root for the Jets in football so I -- team that -- Well generally the same but -- that's Hungary and maybe not respected amongst the other players. And just kind of a fun story and she recommended taught them but since then I've been told may be Chelsea. You know -- C still out there are so there's these are decisions I have to me before Saturday. A lot of homework to do that long flight to LA so I got time. Well use it wisely I need what -- time this is -- -- time if I can Michelle -- -- awesome piece out.

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