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Bobby Burling

8.12: Earthquakes Arturo Alvarez, Jason Hernandez and Bobby Burling at the CSN Authentic BBQ



  1. John Hancock1:06
  2. Anaheim0:18
  3. Galaxy1:02
  4. Cubs0:30
  5. final playoff spot0:56
  6. richter scale2:42
Thu, 12 Aug 2010|

Kate Longworth tests her soccer skills with members of the San Jose Earthquakes at the CSN Authentic BBQ.


Machine Generated Transcript

I'm just taking and apparently and there I think I'm doing my body -- -- her hand and an iron. Friend yeah isn't exactly -- but my my -- -- things well on the road back you may have heard -- -- now. Yeah. Think private meetings in Anaheim and yeah. Your statement and -- he's -- even went out there. It's. Definitely -- awareness. United States you have guys experience being played a couple of Cubs -- Marquez. Assignment. Dominant Seattle as well guys leading players it's. Just it's. Definitely helps -- runs it's. Coming in. On the local high balls on the players not okay. Yeah finally there thanks but it's in his neck yeah. Well right now with a bit of a playoff push we have a few games left in the trying to get a final playoff spot but -- about seven home games coming up we have -- this weekend. The LA Galaxy next we -- with the game red zone followed with a big of the -- and really John Hancock first playoff appearance back into that. -- opening night you know whereas you soccer and aren't. Playing against them. -- -- -- Scott stadium they. You know again -- -- -- guys don't have big -- flat out you know the you know livelihood. Those good -- on the level it. Definitely can afford to look good next to. Wanna be part -- -- -- that we can be not all like exactly in love hate you don't want to take its turn you -- your grip same everything. It -- didn't read the global economic defender on bonded so was that with the I really -- lives -- they get -- right area. Looking men. Yeah it does a pretty big sadly -- And Dave did you like yeah -- Andy and I and I even had actually I'm not playing and talent yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. And letting up for his body anything. We've stands yeah. I didn't want to -- our game so let's get that you could do little tackling behind me. It's lucky here Dave and I would like that frequent keep I sat night yeah. Obviously it. Registering on the richter scale right now suffering now are gonna help that is -- you haven't and I am looking kick it out here at yup and it. Fourth game -- again.