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Yallop likes 'chippy' label



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Mon, 17 Sep 2012|

Earthquakes manager Frank Yallop likes the physical style of soccer his team brings to the pitch.


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-- chronicle conversation. -- having a great year right now sit on tough and Major League soccer in the Manning charges -- head coach frank -- He joins us here on chronicle live frank when did you realize that this group you have. It was a special group and you guys could have especially here. I think the first time the turnover -- season and we stuck to move the ball around and do off thing and I. Commenting after putting two or three of the pre season games. And I felt we had some special when we were. Really close group and I think that was that's shown now over the season Lotta times you hear the named San Jose earthquakes in immediately people think that they handled it Chris won't -- -- He scores great two years go by the late last year tied for the league in scoring this year nineteen goals from a coach's perspective why is Chris one allows he's such a. Dangerous -- We just get she's such a dangerous position I think Kev if you look at -- never come to our practices and watch him work on a daily very faces. He looks so obviously should he get to this ball. And Bears chances I think that's the big thing that's on -- -- to you know we talk about an escort for well it's great for him to score in the weekend. Vince think he's had some really really good looks in the last few games and we know. He's just felt comfortable and and do this thing you know concern he has scored the run a play in a while now. And I think get a spell last year where I think it was seven games we didn't and and he scored. An and I think is 100 games on the hat -- and then he's off again so. Great late game late season score as well he's had runs late yet event fantastic in the past. The question for your club has been is or someone other than -- last week that Alan Gordon this year that's even land -- are they benefiting from some of the attention I want them again. I think so but you get look at them individually as well I think they're very good players -- one available for us last year so. I think is a bit of found and it looks together you know people -- -- of consequence and wonder. But now you go with Al Golden State went off as well as Simon Dawkins is coming into this going now -- a very dangerous player and I think. We have different I mentioned to our team. We didn't have last year and and even in 2010 when when the playoffs in this team's young hungry and really desperate to do well this season and it's showing in all -- points per game. You know you guys sit on top of the league standings and with that comes a lot of people shoot mister -- is that you guys and one of the criticisms. Is that you guys play physical if not check the brand of soccer from time to time how do you answer that if that's the question do you are you guys are chipping thing. I like actually lucky that he didn't -- -- on the people of the games and I think that sounds. I we -- another early off of fair enough but we have to -- question and I think that sound. You know we've batted some some strong -- -- strong actually character in Marvin -- is tough I think that too but not as sort of sets the tone in the back as -- -- a big strong durable this. Coming of them fantastically well for us and after a -- -- -- strike is a little bit scared of some Buckeyes -- -- it's good. Nothing wrong end of the run that little physical intimidation doesn't hurt anything we talk about being in the lead for the supporters shield the best record overall in the regular season what would it mean to the organization. For you guys to win the supporter shield. Watching Bruce Arena said it -- has quite a -- -- he feels that. The team gets the most points over the regular season is the best team in the league so that would mean something to us and I think the big thing that we we know the big prizes and -- cup. And we've tried to -- through 2001 to 03. Where 2001 we had a better season but we won the cup in the of the two seasons so. -- traded in but I'd like to think if you finish that. As supporters -- -- champions and I don't -- followed up with -- hopefully going on the way to the emirates cup final -- and then you go back a couple of seasons you guys made the playoffs and you are playing very good soccer at the end of the season might have been the team on top. But you upset new York and around you guys play pretty well are you playing your best soccer right now as you head towards the -- you party clinched a playoff spot but how do you feel the team is playing. I'm well I think we had a -- and up -- last three games suck but we weren't playing as well as we can. I think the last three -- -- -- -- become our full and -- repeats. I figured it was -- -- -- -- achieve us and then go to achieve possibly two to zero so. I think for some great stuff I think that were exciting going forward and we've always said -- as a coach want us to outscored the opposition. I'm certainly done that this year I feel that some -- for the typical game we just had. Because it was we made the playoffs and now the next game you play of in the forefront and efficient thing that made it. We didn't come out -- to zero. That's good sign I figured out here actually too good of a coaching here's how we figured that out here team is so good right now. That even your boys they don't get excited when his gorgeous on and.

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