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6.3: World Cup Journal- The US Players



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Wed, 23 Jun 2010|

USF head men's soccer coach Erik Visser and San Jose Earthquakes GM John Doyle join Dave Benz to break down the United States' 1-0 win over Algeria.


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That's -- driver Sarah assists and Bay Area dot com to breakdown these huge wind for the United States through welcoming USF head coach Eric investor and John Doyle the earthquakes GM himself played in a World Cup in 19901988. Olympian in and coach will begin -- -- you know. How big is this -- the United States. Boris Johnson alluded to was the biggest win in history for US soccer the expectation level this is very high. Winning the group this time for first on his series tremendous. And I think the momentum of this generate in terms -- the popularity and attention getting in this country. I think just to keep this momentum going and have the US continued to advance -- of people talking about the game. I -- people talking about the game about -- one nothing game being excited you know and usually we hear there's -- of scoring and in soccer. The people talk about a one nothing game as very exciting so it was big. Modest one nothing game was roast -- were scoring opportunities which made it very excited by the United States -- breath attacking game. -- term hit point three touches in the opponents' box 69 point 7% passing accuracy and the opponents happen. Ten shots on target all highs for the -- for United States. They really put the pressure on Algeria they just kept attacking hoping sooner or later there we're gonna find a break. As I think they did everything they could to to open up Algeria today created things wide quick play. They played so long balls and and fought for long balls and did I think they did -- they mixed it up. Well enough that they create opportunities are set pieces have been great the whole tournament. Landon Donovan has been put the ball on a platter first players. I think the depth of the US teen from from the starters in what Bob Bradley -- new players and those players that come and are seasoned veteran players have played in big games and I think that really showed today. Let's talk a little bit about the road ahead it by winning their group the United States I don't wanna say they get a favorable seeding but it's more favorable than had they not won the group don't get to take -- got -- this is the team that not -- model World Cup for years ago I don't think that's thoughts on the players' minds. Today I think that's something where where the players will remember that I don't think it's that important to them they're they're gonna think it now about this game and and -- games the most important and I think to ease its favorable you know you don't want it to be. -- Germany. Brazil. But then you say gone -- gone as a good team and have a lot of dangerous players. Coach how do you get your team prepared to take on got a after such a huge win emotionally Audi again back to work. Well I think again this is strength of the team of the players of the leadership within the team I think the leadership of Bob Bradley. I think he'll be celebrating for one night and then -- gonna get ready back to business so I don't think. There's going to be too much celebrating after tonight they know they got their business done they finished first and they know. If they keep continuing to way to play that still. Considered torment for a couple more runs. It'll be Saturday morning at 11:30 AM Pacific little bit more favorable start time for those of us who went to sleep exactly here on the West Coast guys thanks a lot in -- don't forget -- plenty more World Cup coverage for you right here. -- see -- in Bay Area dot com throughout the term.

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