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Sat, 19 Oct 2013|

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And it. It was big and to be us it was the last thing on my mind. With the senior leadership that we have. Sunday was players' day off. -- is open it's obvious our biggest attended Clemson in two years. Guys were in there as one of the stuff that we wanted to turn made some bone and the advice I didn't earlier was you know pretty last week with the bring with you green lesson learned about how hard you have to play about how Smart you have to play and about how you have to finish. Well last week we got out played yet he's got be flat out be a good football team. And as we did mechanisms can -- -- in the united easier. That's good in the heart of the you know. -- really good program in his game. It. -- I have to do a lot of good coaches and just knowing that we had to we had to contain these guys. Partially based on what happened -- -- those swing passes and get seventy or something and give -- -- yards short of that. We knew that this quarterback it's hard to bring down he's a big physical guy who's also an athlete. So had to keep contain them even and he still broke -- a couple times. But those guys did this when nobody when they we get a big play we bounced back every single time. And that's something that a lot of leadership and I care. This is Q. Blue line. Irons addiction. Treatment and he was just decide that you build. It's gonna take it -- -- you look at those please write him. Well we don't call was that the good lord thinks it's. The bottom line is this -- play. It wouldn't call plays on offense thinking about the defense. Last week we threw the ball too much didn't balls this is -- -- to throw the ball. I don't care about -- that it's -- play. -- went to high sixties and we got a third down and converted to run some really make them defend the run on third down there's media and they didn't do well. And we had a chance to his stepped out of a couple of tackles and we didn't. That's that's the bottom line do -- -- over the -- title government that we can -- a big player of the week and opportunity for want. Try to experience and that's an inside things weren't they should we continue do that body blows it on third down. You know -- the ball between the tackles captain block it and it kept him on track. Brad Nelson back -- got a first down so that was just the game plan going in on third down there include -- I think he's right. Holes. And technique that talk over. And in years. I would say genetics the opposite 335 pounds you I don't think these kids from that. It was just a phenomenal player and god -- through every time we've given opportunities may play. And that didn't could use and it is. -- Montgomery playing great at that time we put Cody makes a big play so. Well he's got a lot of confidence from us -- conference from his quarterback because technically that ball was still extremely late. But the season wasn't over there and and and couldn't move to -- -- with kodi he's gonna give a chance to make the play and coordinator when head. -- In my opinion. We recruited. Pretty coaches and players. Recruit tough people. Tough minded people people that bounce back because it don't dwell on the past for. Recruit character guys don't -- his -- -- Guys that learn lessons from last we didn't move forward we're we're just weren't particularly at the end of the season right now. Toppers -- back to back to back to back to back in everybody's stuff and replace or. So our guys know the rule the world right now. The rest -- this game they -- afternoon's yankees sleep tonight. And then we get ready to play tough or Agassi team in their place it's hard to student that competitive. And I'm not sure yet it was as bad as originally thought. We'll be MRIs and X series and all that -- to see. If he's going to be out for -- -- he's been back to -- what it is good to see him at the end. You know to yes Upton hadn't Barcelona will back in the locker. It was monstrous. You -- just one but yeah he told me that now does her so we'll check him -- an issue we do that the. As you know some more runs. How much of that is. He thought it was. Will be obvious reasons and that was. It's it's been a staple -- for a long time and I'm gonna see who wore them down now all into perspective tonight that is that platoon. Defensive group they're physical they're good football team. The lead and you have to rotate and we rotate guys in and out of their defense. Didn't get him out. And that that's a function of us from ourselves -- -- -- Us. Every run every pass every captions. He would slide to. I don't know he -- -- -- quarterback but we knew he wasn't sentencing when Willie Anderson passed. He gives us if we get people to respect the Yankees play as well as anybody possible right now and now I'm not -- up his interview with. It still shows that he's one of the people put it right -- -- this momentum the Indians this is it. Just hit it backwards at us it's. Not giving away state secrets. We we made sure we knew the rules -- more often than not we slid tunes in excellent in his way. We didn't slides and that's what we won't. There's certain plays we didn't Adam with the physical run against them. In the reverse that we ran back to his side as well represented -- Because there's no way -- you have a little respect towards his side he did exactly what I thought was good news -- we're supposed to do it completely my fault. That. Okay good. -- You just feel it. Good good good little.

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  18. s I think it. Just a brilliant job of and mistakes. What's real. Does seem like I was there. Yeah. Coming us. I don't know it's just But to go to Barca never wish that on anybody. Happens and it's I'm not the first person.

  19. It's 99. Olympics in Barcelona Summer Sanders captured the 200 meter butterfly becoming the third American to do what also on the border NATO. Meter medley relay

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