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Fri, 1 Mar 2013|

Jason Hernandez is embracing the fact that the Earthquakes have a target on their back.


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Chronicle live presented by Farmers Insurance rolls on the -- to soccer begins Sunday for the earthquakes take a look at what they did last year. Surely one of supporters shield. The offense unstoppable 72 goals they blow away the league. The Galaxy the next best at 59. So when you have an offense and number like that. I can only think the best thing to do was to bring independent right -- and Hernandez they're joining us from the -- they get started on Sunday against Real Salt -- the 34 game season is underway and you guys the defending supporters shield champion diddly here by the way six around because he's that sidelined guy and on the road. He's your play by play man this year for the earthquakes all right Jason what's -- witness I don't show the opposite numbers. But it's not all about office how important and how strong is the defense -- for your for your club. Yeah I think the defense has played a pivotal role in our success last year I think. -- -- we have a back line that kind of put out fires and take care of business. Gives the freedom to the offense into the midfield just to kind of be dynamic in. Really really just be creative and penalty some -- -- not up to -- about the other side of the ball that we're taking care of it where. Responsible and accountable back there best regular season record and all of MLS last season. And maybe surprise some people that. This year do you guys sitting at a target on your back that the absolutely I think we all walked in a pre season knowing that. You know it's us vs the world as far as legal this year this him a lot of people. Double we come to town where the biggest game on the schedule and they're gonna look to send a message to leak threw us and so. It's important really embrace that and to approach each game with the urgency and intensity we did last year to get as many wins as possible. They're pairing with Victor Bernard isn't central defense how much does that free you up to maybe. Little bit more aggressively knowing you've got to Sherman tank back there that stop and many on slots. Yeah you know it's been a lot of fun to play with -- I think come we have a great understanding as far as him not being aggressive and strong in the air and tackles and myself being able to kind of just. I'll feed off that -- and chase around and break up plays and a compliment to him so it's been a very good partnership so far and hopefully we can carry that over to to the season. Injuries that's a big storyline with you guys as you start the season maybe it's a good time to have an early to get him out of the way make -- guys are healthy once this these season really starts -- how different you guys gonna have to play. Without some key performers yet when the guys in the back line made sure is not going to be there he got Bob Marvin Chavez -- -- neither -- the two big guys up front are going to be there how does that change -- And I think it sends our dynamic. Slightly I think you know when hard Marvin. And also -- a show on the right hand side I'll bring up a certain dynamic to the game. And now you know we're gonna miss those guys but. I think our coach frank gallop then our our GM of really positioned us in a way to be very deep -- -- -- last year and -- we've brought -- some guys -- really have an impact and really -- -- step -- and get the job -- -- those -- -- -- You can't talk earthquakes that talking critz won the last -- mister -- booted now designated player. Yet been given a little bit -- being around practice later -- how was he he's changed because he's gone from development player to now a designated player and legitimately one of the stars live. Yeah I think there hasn't. Hasn't been much much -- Rivet towards him thus far I think there hasn't been a person in the league is really earned it more than he has. And you know -- happy form and I think you know he's the first guy to step up and say that a lot of us had a lot to do with the success you know he. Really -- reward them a lot of hard work of of some of those guys up there and I mean he's a great player. He's gonna go down as one of the best ever do in this league and we're happy he's on our team you don't mind did the Dallas -- make a lot of I can't I can't say this is most definitely does this class guy. That is everything like that that's good that's a good thing to hear you guys get the new facility coming up a year from now but pointing to that as a player what does that mean. To someone in MLS to know that in new facilities comment for you guys a year down the road how is that the only game of soccer players. Yeah I think it brings a lot of excitement. It. All levels of soccer in the Bay Area especially -- professionals to know that this is a really been a hotbed for the sport in this area for a long time -- very long tradition and history and so. -- to have a home here. I think it's gonna be great and I think you know everyone in this area's really gonna take to it and really feel a sense of community and had a place to go it's kind of a mess up for the sport in this area. One more season most likely. Said buckshot you have a unique. Home field advantage there with the head of the mad cat fans and one ended up really passionate fan this overall how much do you guys feed off that home crowd advantage. It's huge for us I think you know we all love playing a bucks off for that simple point that our fans are kind of right on top of the field in there and the match in. On they create a huge advantage for us because. You know no one wants to come and play that's close quarters and so he -- coming here everything that's going on in. You know it gets pretty intense and energy and has electric so while we're looking forward to Sunday. Eighteen year for MLS that's where it gets started this weekend. And Don Garber the commissioner had his state of the league address the other day said he wants to make him a -- a top tier league. By 20/20 two I think is the target date as a player when you hear the commissioner talked about growing the game and that means greater salaries for guys. How confident are the players right now in thinking we're going to be the ones who start that rise up to wanna let the top tier. League's all all round globally. Right you know I think when we speak about the league just in my 89 years being involved it's grown leaps and bounds from just teams joining cities joining soccer specific stadiums coming aboard I think. You know up the commissioner has that vision I think he has every right to to -- et -- -- all on board and I think. Some of us to consider ourselves not necessarily Pioneers but. Com we are that first wave of of professional soccer players that are. Getting into these stadiums and creating a product that fans can really take two and a creating something that hopefully will be around for a long time at a high level. And soccer here in the Bay Area a lot of people think -- started just a few years ago 1974. Correct Wright and Louis you know right forty years forty years of soccer of earthquakes soccer here in the Bay Area and -- the 41 it's going to be a brand new gleaming facility. Yet alone think about only took 41 years at. That's a -- Jason Hernandez thanks very much good luck coming on a Sunday desperate sort of -- -- the right way on Sunday already Sunday. Quakes take it -- -- my thirteenth season the opener at home against Real Salt Lake you can see it. Comcast sports at California at 7 PM category candidly -- me first of 29 telecasts. On Comcast sports net.

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