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7.17: Joe Cannon, RAW



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Thu, 9 Sep 2010|

Making their playoff push, San Jose Earthquakes defender Jason Hernandez joins Greg Papa on the set of Chronicle Live.


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San Jose earthquakes have already won nine matches they have nine games left including a showdown this Saturday night against the red -- FC Dallas club little -- -- -- Buck Shaw Stadium it'll be out of she has said that. Plus it's 7 o'clock on Saturday. And they need to win all these matches here down the stretch to qualify for the playoffs Jason Hernandez the quakes defender makes his first appearance on. On -- the last -- Jays still relevant to. That's funny about the year overall because you were picked up by the earthquakes in the united in the draft expansion draft and they came back in the league in no way mussina probably progress of the franchise from a way to last year. It's remarkable how much better you guys are doing this year why. But I think you know we started the entry season with a different game plan no really focus on the physical side of things and -- wanted to be fit and make sure that you know even -- soccer -- things weren't going the way we wanted that we'd be able to work hard and grind out results and I think. You know a lot a lot of our games this year have been one goal games and it's -- adjustments lot of hard work put in being fit and are really been a blue collar team. Your back on the back -- -- that a lot of injuries Specter and her girl he's going to but I don't ask you about the playoff scenario here 'cause a little while ago looked pretty good now. It's still looks pretty good right now you're near eighth place as far as the -- that will make at the top two teams in each conference automatically. Advanced to the MLS playoffs the next four clubs with the most points regardless. Tough conference also. Qualified he got a couple of matches in hand against Seattle right now you're seven NCA you're tied for seventy got to feel pretty good about being -- -- They did close to the playoffs this year. We do I think having the game and helps a lot. You know we have a few home games left and still some games on the road we feel we can pick up points. So it's a lot of hard work throughout the season that really boils down to what we do in the next few games and it's important that we. We approach every game like a playoff game and try to pick up as many points while. I tell me about what's -- Out of the back line because you guys have been profound -- injuries for defenders have been out you've missed again because you were naughty -- had a red card -- would you do I did I -- suspense and I was I got red card one game for a what you do. I guess aggressive. The defensive act from what I heard somebody took a shadow what are your -- -- UN backing him -- That might be -- from what I guess the media was there I think you know in. In the game there's some unwritten rules that happened Annan I think you know I kind of got caught maybe. Let my emotions get the best league that's all part of it and don't were -- moving -- from that there are we had a good result Houston then. Now you -- -- gonna suffer a bit from injury you know we had Joe Cannon which is huge piece for us about an ankle injury and Ramiro corrales -- like captain -- -- left back we've had. A lot of guys to -- to slacken its been a testament to a lot of guys being able to play different positions. And really be selfless and play wherever the team -- us and so what happened to Joe he broke his ankle in practice Joe had an ankle injury in training he was you know doing kind of warm until getting ready for the day and I kind of planted wrong in his ankle and I was just an unfortunate incident actually allow a lot of bad luck because -- played very well the game four and kept -- -- no one's you know match. Against Kansas City Sosa terrible timing but. You know low all the games we play I have a lot to do with him. On the future and the games we win out we will -- that goes to -- Well Jon Busch was playing you know quite a bit anyway effect of a match I went to judge -- -- not play job was in and can you -- your keeper that game. How does that change the way you guys coordinated the back and as a matter to you would all your keeper is you guys play the same. I think I'm most seems it would matter look at luckily for us we have two of the the best teams in the league just they have to be those same teams that 21 team keepers who would really started and club. In the league and we -- on both on the same squad so. But it kind of interchange about a problem and they've been around for a long time so they know their roles and they they help us on the back I thought hasn't been too tough. You mentioned you've won a lot of one nothing games one -- games but you are scoring a little more Tony about some of the guys you know higher than the Frontline the attack line -- Eduardo we're waiting for all year to come back from injury to Brazilian. Is back in the other Brazilian G a botany. Is is now playing for you. Geovany Jim Bunning was our biggest pickup of the year are designated player. And he's been great for us and been training very hard and anything we get everyone got feel little glimpse of what he can do. How this past weekend in Houston only had a goal and assists and game winning goal. I think you know he's going to be crucial for us in the playoffs to make the playoffs and and -- off while ago and also. You know our resident -- score -- won the last he's been a tremendous for us this year so. So we're seeing now back at the midfield line once I yelled I mean it's just been who went with no with all the injuries -- more fortunate don't want -- can play a lot of positions but we need him on the field out to make plays -- -- -- -- -- -- midfielder -- Actually him and Geovany. Offensively are going to be tuned. Really huge piece for us tell -- we say hype from Davis cellular -- show a couple of times during -- season. You are from new York and -- the your New York franchise in this league has got huge down got a lot of stars. In light of what happened with the World Cup and a huge ratings the USA team and Landon Donovan was able to generate do you sense when you go. To New York in particular because at this sport is gonna take off in this country. It's got to sell on Madison avenue New York's got to get turned down a is the apple not to tune on -- turned on your sport. Like I say go on back to new York and see in the environment that Red -- has treated in that stadium in Harrison -- some then that you know being a kid from the East Coast being from Jersey it was like a dream realized being able to see people piling out of the train stations and restaurants and bars in walking over to the field answering the state of the art field -- It's it's I mean it's there and it seems that the fans are responding and you know if the market in a hole and in New York from braces that I think you know it's going to be great. -- Yankees or Mets fan -- -- Giants or Jets Giants game. Kennedy Kennedy -- -- for her her. Our Jason good luck to you against FC Dallas coming up on Saturday hopefully get to make the playoffs.

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