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9.29: Chronicle Live -- Khari Stephenson



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Thu, 29 Sep 2011|

Stephenson joins Greg Papa to talk about his position change and the Quakes' waning playoff hopes.


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Harry Stevens and maybe have a profitable or to welcome new. Chronicle live current a pleasure to meet you were in the past so you pretty much after on the table you think to to make the playoffs or even if you do you have to get some help along the way it's gonna doubtful I would have -- that some of the teams -- -- -- -- So we're gonna influence. But tell me about the change in their positions for you you were play in the midfield for coach frank -- and they've had some injuries and some hard time scoring goals frankly so -- they've moved you up by the attack with a great Chris won -- -- -- Do you like playing out there would you rather be back in this field. I don't mind it but I'd rather play in the field because and I can use you know mormons does that. It's been a target guy turned on the bond trying to get in behind you know a lot of cars are running well. It's been it's been ten -- of a couple of those in the last. Game and some system. They've got five goals -- the year we are telling from your your accent a little that you are a native of Jamaica I -- -- -- -- you -- Plainview played soccer since just a kid I guess you haven't played since I was four and He actually came over to America to go to school play went to Williams College -- -- went to boarding school Torres -- coming to cut it. It is there and players. Chris -- velocity last year on the golden boot award He scored eighteen goals to lead the league is numbers are you know a little bit down as she was away for a period of time as well. And the other teams around the league realize that they got to stop 10 and it's been little more difficult for him -- to score as many this year as last year. It -- -- it's almost enough. And we -- to try to get one on the money that they story can finish but who have lost out on the players on the team who else would try to get him positions on one note can't get there. So you know all the guys have stepped up and scored -- finishing up your second year with the quakes citizen action here in your deal so world where would you like to come back here ownership should have put some money. In the roster next year to try to get you guys back into the playoffs so would you like to come back they ask your -- I was here last year for four months on loan from a team and our. I'm not had such a good time the team did well everyone treats him so that it was it was a no brainer for a minute come Aqua an optional from the so hopefully I'm there for compares the how do you do you compare the the south -- soccer -- whenever I got down there it's such a party that is bidder -- -- and -- the entire game that's like that throughout the league but. Have the people of San Jose in the Bay Area overall are they is into the earthquakes is the other cities you go to around the league. Yes they have arm itself firmer so they come and they support departed and have a great time and come into the game. Yeah so what four more to go on Saturday what's the plan how do you guys be sporting Kansas City on his Coachella told you about that is certainly need to attack pressure I. Now trying to put their defenders on the pressure trying to get some turnovers hit some shots. Now and -- them and maybe pump and a few goals yourself again five on the year you know letting Steve Leinart was and a early in the year he's a big guy he's a big guy. And there are current thank you so -- -- talent out of eleven appreciate it good luck this week against sporting Kansas City things that'll be at 730 home runs CSN. California.

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