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YSTL: Cohn says no chance 49ers lose to winless Jaguars



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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

Are the 49ers at risk of getting upset by the Jaguars? One Bay Area writer laughs at the thought.


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They focus in on. As a team we've done those still venture will be a beautiful game. -- you know we don't want him to get. No. You know Jesse do who. Enough for a team play and going anyway but we have to be ready. The other majors and almost possible although you know you're out of your element. You gotta trust -- team's schedule and you -- can continue to do things that you don't know to this point. The knowledge services and says we couldn't warm course you never know. As for myself and know a lot of guys that we're trying to stick to our team as much as possible so. 49ers in London get ready to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn't you like to have them market to promote this game with the but before going to take a look at the numbers indicate is a blowout one direction 49ers they've got it in everything and these categories. And the -- says they're also going to be the favorite to win missing a five into the jags are looking for the first win of the year let's keep the ball rolling here. Or bring in Lowell -- Santa Rosa press Democrat excellent column is there lol they go off to London. There are a lot of distractions -- just mean going to pubs in London I mean the distractions of the NFL visit all the different things players are expected to do and perform. Could the 49ers BA candidate for an upset because they are asked to do so much more than just play a football. You actual I'm an answer that question I do what you want to die laughing. The only way they can lose the game and I'm telling you they could lose a game. Is -- the bus driver takes him to Scotland I. That's the only way they can lose this game they're gonna murder these guys you know what may know in the distractions they gonna go to plays that they're gonna go to the British Museum. Getting a drink a lot of -- did in the practice and I'll have some choreographed press conferences and be like any other week. Then they'll go there and heard those guys and come home and have a week off. I wanna see the pretty pictures of them playing rugby and cricket. And kicking a soccer ball around the pitch with some of the members of Manchester United. I don't think that's what the reason why go illicit. Two times now in three years of 49ers are off to England to play game why would the 49ers do this again -- it does this disrupt your scheduling. I think -- left to coach it and didn't return pride get the feeling that Jed York likes to go to England and so they go there this is the most in. -- real clear aside from the fact that they're in London this is the most meaningless game. Hi this coming weekend in the NFL and the only reason we're talking about it is because we inevitably have to talk about the 49ers and. The angle is that they're going to be in London where the food is not as good as he should be and I agree with you until they they -- one we gotta talk about why. Had they had Shakespeare but no good food in that country so I would I would like Frank Gore or or a word Staley to talk about that -- all the TV. Cooking shows haven't English fine. And they and they were supposed to take advice from their shut us. Believe me we're making a big mistake here in America I I thought I'd say I got John could make me laugh.

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