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  1. They're funny to be on the this weekend games have Friday and Saturday Friday against. Stockton is Saturday Devin said Oguchi may claiming they had another cherica on the ice that night former Sharks and negotiate. I tell me about the signing of Theo

  2. San Jose in this offseason how do you put your finger on. Everything that happens it's tough to lose players guys like said Oguchi Heatley and a bunch of other veterans too but you have to be excited what was brought in. Brent Burns just a big defenseman

  3. right now gets them close but not. To really need to be a couple of key free agents that will have to be sorted out Dennis said Oguchi . And Ian White. Back you. I think you Randy go ahead and had child while words named to that list as well both He and wife

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    Wed, 2 Feb 2011

    still what what line are you gonna be thank you know something something different. I think I'll be with Joe and and said Oguchi . I can say the we're not going Murphy feels like. Otherwise I'm going you know switch think I'll switch things up in

  5. 7.31: Devin Setoguchi Interview


    Sun, 1 Aug 2010

    playoffs last spring. So one year contract for the restricted free agent. Right now we're pleased to be joined by DeVon said Oguchi from his home in Alberta and Devin I wonder. Right out this year how is this process for you did you expect you would come

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    deadline but this year. And you've got I already stated a 21 restricted guys get out there joke of is restricted DeVon said Oguchi . Is restricted are you gonna have the wherewithal to save a few million dollars for February are are you gonna be a cap this

  7. clear that both players were replaced doesn't go tour event. Itself brought it forward with a huge goal for Chicago. said Oguchi that we shot out in this series. Chances away as a off the cost capital to get tipoff that is the only anybody could beat him

  8. they scored backboard bedeviled with momentum but. You have people that task as well as Greg Anderson as he stones DeVon said Oguchi in the end of the stuff going on. Yeah you could see the aggression coming out this game it was sob. The old mark. Second

  9. here at the at Pepsi Center in Denver look at for another solid night need from that second line of course street guys and said Oguchi . Ryan job had eight points in the first two games maybe tonight they'll out a couple more. For now thanks and onto CS in

  10. As a professional hockey player Sharks forward DeVon said Oguchi utilizes a lot of that's personally tailored. For example he strides on customs skates with a constant stick. And I'm pretty

  11. guys that dressed last night dressed. For the Anaheim series last year because these injuries the Sharks had the Belsky. Said Oguchi Torrey Mitchell still not back now Rob Blake so it's pretty impressive with the Sharks are doing right now with. First the

  12. not really helping anybody that's on my on the line. It's nice job tonight Doug thanks for the visiting reluctant to Madison Square Garden thanks Cameron said Oguchi with a pretty goal tonight he walked today and it's the top shelf.

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    Wed, 7 Oct 2009

    positives which is very rare for me a look at the you look at the power players go to Danny heatley. Joe Thornton DeVon said Oguchi and that whole power play developing some chemistry being very unpredictable and being very effective. From the negative side

  14. own net. You know Nabokov makes that Mercedes clear those rebounds and then when on the in the offensive zone heatley said Oguchi . Go back against a rebound goals we watched the 34 points if they cannot and to my scoring opportunities and get the Sharks

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    Rangers bats of musical chairs going out with their top line but if you look at the Sharks that might have Marmol. Orton and said Oguchi has been dominating since the opening faceoff they continue to do so. I think having that continuity has really served the