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Chronicle Live -- Chris Sullivan & Kelly Gray on Euro 2012



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Fri, 8 Jun 2012|

Soccer analysts Sullivan and Gray join Jim Kozimor to handicap the 2012 European Football Championships. Who are the favorites?


Machine Generated Transcript

-- I am Jim cause more Christopher Sullivan. Fox soccer analyst former US men's national team member and Kelly great. Former earthquakes great and now live broadcast partner and earthquakes game GC and Comcast sports net California first of all. This is a general sports so -- should give me an idea of how big -- 2012 is in the world soccer. It's -- second base in the world when you look at when you look for just the quality of football it's incredible the coaches that have implemented the best golf philosophies four. One of the biggest tournaments. Really amazing quality it's very intense. 31 games in in a short amount of times we have to recover and play at a very high quality -- I think you'll see that. RE Kelley as we get ready for the -- at the start tomorrow what it one of the teams you look at four. I mean you always have the house Spain and had their missing a couple of players Germany for me is another one that. Top top team you got that's just fine Steiger. You've got Thomas -- up top two young guys that are very very season when it comes international play. Those are -- for me my two favorites that you have to take it all the way but. Are you mentioned Spain. They're trying to do something -- has ever done they've won here last time they won the World Cup -- they do it again are they playing at that highest of high level. They definitely camp when you look at the quality of players they have. Don't fault the coach has has the job of pulling together Barcelona -- -- contingent that's a very difficult task because of Jose Marino you know creating. A difficulty amongst the players so that's one of the things Charlie -- -- now -- -- and he is not there but and you look at the court -- in the field here. Understand yes that shot and those are the two best players in the world that understand the game up affection you know they can control the rhythm the cadence the tempo they know how to manage a game. And then you look at players like -- Silva who could perhaps play in the position. Of Lionel Messi and Barcelona. The question is what is the tactics the formula that they're gonna get the midfield everyone has been wants them to play with one pivot that would be boost gets but to keep. Everything cleaned between Real Madrid and Barcelona they'll play shopping Alonso and the -- so you lose a little bit of attacking power up front. One nation always gets attention in tournaments like this it's England. In the three lines compete this time around because they're banged up a little bit -- talk about this a little bit before the show and for me now. No I don't think England camp there's there's so much hype the players are hyped all around the world of tennis players in the world but. They never deliver new one last time in a World Cup or a big competition they went very far. Just doesn't happen in 1966 they won the World Cup at home but. Long time ago yes it is a little time and when I just try to -- things haven't alive at that point yeah. Are they disaster waiting to happen laughed at the World Cup effect they stayed isolated from everyone now they gonna stay right the senator square I think in cracked out right around the thing. If I can make this was -- -- Back to 2006 and that World Cup I covered wins -- Goran Eriksson had and they were really the team that everyone thought was gonna do extremely well they were extremely good. In qualifying but the underperformed couldn't put three passes together I think you would do well I think they'll get. Out of the group I think France will be the heavy dark horse. In this tournament on paper when you look at their coach lawn -- was an amazing place -- a young player that. You know blessed to plan to play teeny. And Luis -- so he has like Pep Guardiola very similar idea of philosophy and now he's pulled this team together that's united on people they're very strong so -- And surprise that's a night or at such a bit of a surprise because they were so. Much of a nightmare in the World Cup -- introduce -- in -- horrible yeah. But my putting well blog as a head coach I think that that's what everybody wanted players management and everybody wanna to what some of -- put him as head coach. Now all of a sudden all the players who rallied around him as a coach because somebody that they. Grown up respecting and that that's something that the -- before did not half. And he did that he's already demonstrated that at Bordeaux when he coached and it's not. Arab players and and players from Africa and French players in. It everything is united is the winner of the play he's transformed teams they enjoy the taste it when the place I think that France will surprise I think -- surprise another great coach with the collar cut. Who coached as -- at Saint Petersburg so he's familiar with the Russian culture and knowing how to get the best. Optimal form out of players like caution so Russia could be a team that can surprise Denmark can play a big against the difficult opponents. In their -- well they've got a rough her yet but they have nothing to lose and Morten Olsen who was my former. Coach you know he knows a thing they won this tournament before 1992 I don't think they'll go far. But they could play. The spoiler to a team like calling. Or or another upon by the host nations are Poland and Ukraine in a lot of times the host nation it's a little bump in the tournament like this. What one of the -- host nations had a as a best chance to move on that -- -- and before you won't let me just say and you have a horse in the race. And I knew that's why you were so I'm going to -- -- pantheon of the white eagle my friend I -- ready for Paul love Polska Poland is and they get it started on Friday. Well when you look at my grandmother was one of coincide got to go right everybody right there but when you look and unbeaten in the last six -- they're not conceding goals they have they've already demonstrated under -- harper when he was coaching them in the last. Qualification for the World Cup that at home they can surprise there is. Livan -- you know Borowski they have -- they have that the player that was named after ZBO this is a place this is a team that when they come together they could surprise and I think they'll come. Of the group grip in Poland is that is that good from there and I think we are now asking is the one to watch and having such a great season with version torment I think is gonna. Keep that form going. And the heroes off they had adults he has -- how close are they tell me anything else I think it's a good cause there's only more things have asked the guys are out of time what have you back here in the middle of year old point Walt is okay it's still -- Christopher Sullivan also got a great. Thanks for joining us we appreciate it.

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