Harbaugh: 'They played with a lot of fight'



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Sun, 9 Sep 2012|

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh talks about the mood in the locker room and calls out his defensive heroes in the win


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There's obviously it's very excited locker room and there. Really proud of our guys. Sixty minutes all out physically fit. Team and played where a lot of fight in a lot of heart lot of courage in his game a lot of heroes. -- on the defensive front but they played tremendous. -- gap short the whole game. Still was able. Well two to a job on this. And their run game horrible -- had a terrific game eleven tackles and and the interception but when he was doing there and in the -- box. That we just mentioned a secondary. You can I like Donte Whitner. Rodgers. Coached in. That's tremendous hits in the game of those guys -- brown had a heck of the game. Tremendous job. Our defense out Smith. Had a terrific game. Frank Gore was outstanding but Wear -- long fronts but. Receivers did a -- -- job they were running great routes getting the ball and go. Game. And if I have to say this that. The sixth of the fight for sixty minutes which was there but. We played our best game of the minds. That we replaced. Out there today or progress. You everything that they were. Those young men were called on to do today. Chosen they had. Yeah the complexities. Well offensively defensively and special teams that stuff. Just tremendously. And an important victory. Ronaldo that's as good as you can start -- that remove them with a humble hearts and and get ready we know we got a lot of other great teams play and but I'm really proud of our guys come -- and -- -- we believe -- that -- And it's work and prepare. But it is great dollars is great. -- game -- his legs. He's just armistice. Uses mine used toughness. All of those things really accurate touchdown pass that whoever was a great throw -- -- and only spotted it could be. And I was real efficient. -- -- ball and yet we have a report that play in the cap quarterback draw. Kyle said it up with the with the punt returns are just a lot of good things that. It happened. You know start with public Turco made a big kick return and it. -- net play and then captain makes the big run. And then David Akers misses off -- 63 yard field goal so. A lot of good things had to happen and they did what you. Well I just had to be goody had to be greatness in understand what the Packers were. We're doing what we -- what we needed to. Do to counter that. And it was great with his communication. Which was great all day you've just. Just playing quarterback position going through his reads and throws ceilings and know -- to go to the ball. Lot of things huge yeah and also being too old to cancel the running game. You know. Beat him being that short and we commit and a man under through deep. In the secondary to cover and studios get pressure and and cancel running game. It's a tremendous tribute to those guys up front and and Navarro Bowman well. You know he's a great football player no doubt and and so is so is -- mean. Or tremendous you know this. There's a game plan this is a unity is. A lot of -- to block well. Can openers and prepared target in their. Couple times that was looming. Crab Crabtree. Did the job I thought. All those those three receivers. You know really good job running the routes in the ball and going and defeat in the press. They're just -- they were alert the that put full sixty minutes just like every other team did today and particulars. There was a good day for us offensively. And balanced game. Aligned an excellent job up front it's it. It was full running offense that was. Very good job didn't turn the ball over. We're making. Mental mistakes and penalties. But there really and it that way. And that's where talked about there's such a good beat him in our minds are at our best game. Lot of good. Now I'm in. Yes no. -- -- you guys write that story good look at the play and you're your your ball had a good look at the sports product Gore's drive. That was close I just thought it was close enough to challenge. -- Volatility does write that story can dig into -- and a team. Yeah I don't know what sources say enough city's office that you guys write this story. Again you can write that story but you know we. We feel like he. And those would be that would always does but he's played he's a football player then -- considered great screen great victory force. And -- back to work doing what we we believe and that's prepare and work and it's 63 yards today and I. But. He took the sixty yarder and in pregame. And we've grown same direction. -- like you're a native from from longer and elect him where is. It was a good shot at doing what David Akers you know. Talk about the deepest thinker in the history of the game. Public -- Where things. I don't know exactly how many plays he was I mean it's it's. I think we're any return is say things were. What we need you know whatever. This situation calls for whenever he's called. And -- going out there and you everything he has and I thought our guys did -- -- thought it was all out all the time. From our football team. Well that's that's one of the things you just say we had a we had to be sharp we ended you know be in a little break in 02 lines snapping huddle and I'm moving parts substitutions. But our guys. Really played. Played their best game -- Very impressive and needed to.

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