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3.17: John Shrader and Jim Kozimor on Chronicle Live



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Thu, 17 Mar 2011|

The co-voices of the San Jose Earthquakes join Greg Papa to talk about the upcoming season that kicks off Saturday.


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We -- -- cold voices of the San Jose earthquakes can -- of respect for second year John traders been doing this is what did mid nineties is leaning we weren't you. He's he's that'll is that we were kids. He's usually do in the game's greatest. The drop a few hills on long as it doesn't say until lobby for Elliott punches me when I say I can't say now. He's still American the American game but we say zero what why not -- football and that's according to an oil. Now we're gonna -- -- -- -- bill last year thirty -- yes I don't start there for a franchise record thirteen and -- last year's trade we talk about obviously Chris -- -- -- he was out of the show yesterday but thirteen shut -- last -- a lot of -- well you know they had kids and that if you can't score enough then you have to stop the other guys and and but their defense Gallup does a defense first guy to have a very good quality. Back line. And couple young guys waiting -- bush is one of the shortest goalies in the league but one of the best and so -- see an -- -- -- some more than I still think scoring might be a bit of a question assuredly be within the team you can they have the goal of the winner from one elective you mentioned about being on here yesterday. But you need someone else to step in. They have some high hopes for guys but already banged up with a nasty letter I don't think it matters who scores I think you want the scores another eighteen goals that's fine but I think they need to be a little bit more. Well around and you need some supplemental scoring and some will be fine Lenny mind your majesty Atlanta we Electronica live -- -- -- he had heard all the things he was here what's wrong with a disease epidemic is pretty big matches and he got banged up a little bit I think they. They'd they'd believe they're getting him just at the right time these young man has got a lot of potential big bruising. Forward target forward guy big bruising kid and he scored six goals and about seventeen games lasted I think he's just about ready to break out how good he changed the -- -- Well he's he would be a target guy. Is it -- -- yes of course I prefer it Harbaugh over here and a great -- and let this is agents on Saturday night was taught better would you -- all you're gonna -- you're crazy let me give -- the reader's digest and fascinating question -- But it but it does this round goes no where does this Ralph Barbieri. Not all let me answer what -- this all about -- -- candidate for a long time -- okay. So he's a target guy frank -- loves a target guys -- -- means a big guy like Brian -- recognize that guy beat a guy like Brian -- Landon Donovan runs around behind and they want to championships with a big target got. Almost like a big senator he can play -- his back to the goal. -- play with a back to the ball turn and shoot but a guy who can get the ball hold defenders hold the ball hold defenders while the other folks run around him. And struggles so are those other guys besides the great one to one knows -- they have a kid they got Dawkins Simon Dawkins they just signed on -- loan from Tottenham Hotspur. One other partner clubs and don't you think that a guy summoned from the PL come from the top and Hotspur. It there's a lot more focus on and do you think there could be a little pressure to start the year on a guy like dog -- he's around I don't think it's I think it's all about opportunity for him it's about opportunity for him and for Tottenham that's. When they're getting him if he comes here and has one great year and goes back to England that's fine everybody wins. And that that's the idea. -- -- attend this last year but Ryan Johnson had a career best eight assists last year they'd like get a few more goals out of the year before -- wasn't -- -- eleven holes two seasons ago so maybe he can step up and -- -- supplemental office and I -- -- Chris -- out I think they'll -- they'll be good I have high expectations for this team -- conference is tough -- everybody gets Real Salt -- and go to Dallas actually Dallas for the next game come home to play. Seattle they already played a game lost again excess of that game of the rain and you know -- have called watcher in Fort Lauderdale I think -- the final because if you are correct and whatnot and Ashley are the best teams in the west Real Salt Lake again LC Colorado one Atlanta LA having the best record last year. Colorado won the championship -- in Colorado had the same record last year at the end of the year Colorado made the run Gallup has said this since the first day he walked in the Major League soccer in 2001. You play well enough to get into the playoffs in this league and you never know what happens and that's really what you have to do and that's what happened the last two happened last year it's what happening here -- -- one Real Salt Lake ran the table. By going to the east and winning it and and they snuck into the playoffs on the final day of the season in only nine beating -- and then ran -- table to end up being the eventual analyst cup Colorado got their playoff position last year on the last day of the season when the quakes lost to Kansas City -- -- one Colorado got that position ahead of them. And then they ran the table and chancellor and ligament over San Jose every game is important that's -- starting salary counts every game counts as an -- I'll tell you what it is and talk about regional now. Yeah in the beginning it was New York DC. Boston all about the east the power you know we love powerful sports in America in the in the east but now look at the -- two teams of Los Angeles the team in northern California. Portland Seattle and Vancouver. Not only are -- is the power there the interest in the game is here. You'll see big crowds in these places and they're good Portland Vancouver new this year knew that this Seattle watching the game they're the only they'd they'd love this sport until today I had the perfect storm. For them to introduce themselves to a Seattle audience. That was angry if you go back in the history remember. They were -- the Sonics relieved. And these fans needed a point to come together it's an international city. Soccer came out there was a little star power with Drew Carey and the next thing you know. You've got yourself some support and -- as successful first season and and let's go back to NA SL write this honors the white caps the Timbers the earthquakes all. North American Soccer League rivals from thirty years ago. When you guys introduced stadium two more years two more years we hopefully -- that they can put a shovel in the ground soon they're tearing the building down at least -- -- and so in the grounds and hope but Saturday yielding -- buckshot Cheney has -- -- -- that match against Comcast sports camp. Bay Area since Saturday hopefully -- not be vital. -- he's a lot smarter with the glasses. When I say lessons -- last. -- -- to say yeah great to see -- Ecstasy.

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