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3.6: Chronicle Live -- Sam Cronin



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Fri, 28 Jun 2013|

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Buddy Sam Cronin midfielder for the -- I got lucky ball -- and bring a little regard as -- a slightly different at 50000 people -- -- -- last season was great atmosphere for us and -- very thankful for fans and -- -- Saturday how big is this rivalry you guys in the Galaxy everyone northern California Southern California is always big -- for you guys individually what's the -- Yeah if you human -- doesn't seem to put so much here early on a lot earlier than we expected and and I hope so. We have a lot of articles coming from the Saturday. It's a good thing we struggled today -- season so. -- -- and this is a great afternoon -- the ship right back on track is slow starts this year to last season the club was a supporter shield which is the best regular season record. In Major League soccer. This year a slow start what's been the difference for you guys what's been so tough. And now they have invited my finger on average from here until we play we have coach yeah yeah. It's been as a lot of things as you can imagine. And we've been in -- Foreman as players we got to accept responsibility and and do a better job and I think across the board we've been underperforming. And like. But the best thing about him -- -- have another game so we're excited about the Saturday a lot of soccer lefty -- a new coaching mark Watson so what are the differences what does mark Watson bring you guys what is he trying to do with this team. Does that mean much in Portland is just played keep the ball all the better going forward. He'd him and frank -- pretty similarly so it's not wholesale changes but just a new voice and and a new mentality. -- -- -- -- That leads a different results of one of the great goal scorers in Major League soccer over the last three years the best schools courts -- on allows he's been out a little bit of an injury in the foot. You get him back this weekend what does he mean to the club to have him that day here and I say three time gold iron. We've been shut out him okay -- we need guys you can score on field. Feel because of that Nelson is his personality and and. Last year against the Galaxy -- a big goal that he. Right you scored that when I did -- -- -- -- hit his big comeback went there I think game of the year and analysts yes Aramis pro itself so great to watch unless you're going out there to Stanford stadium at the fireworks afterwards it's really great time. It's also pretty -- can get free physical with these two teams don't like one of what happened with you and David Beckham watched. Yeah president of the game we're up a goal. And just I I got to have to have there on the corner kick before and I think he is about -- time to elections cannot do little misunderstanding in. -- -- I mean it was like thirty yards out. Yeah yeah let it rip didn't yeah I did I think I think -- stop yeah having looked -- what turned out they -- he's kicking one of our guys -- -- -- forgot. And -- miss them they can do to me oh really little misunderstanding and there was an interpretation that he was a little upset because you guys had a little. Pushing shelled early yeah early we messed up and send -- you actually get after it I remember you can't get comfortable. Yeah or is there is a big game for us and we're going to get there for nine minutes kicking each other take on imagine at an earlier today. I was yeah I was pretty angry about that serves as a fan and I -- quick follow death. So I want some revenge on David Beckham academy go get some revenge on -- -- -- -- -- do you follow me -- and we're gonna -- outs of the newsroom. Follow me with a cameras everybody is we gotta come on out here Sam. Because I figured out a way. For us to get revenge on David -- are you ready for this. And you're gonna have to show me showing me how to do this -- -- -- -- against what we've got you're you're right here you see I got a picture. The most hated man in world football the beautiful game they are beautiful man of the beautiful and he kind of hard to watch this I'm going to do what he did to you under the due to him -- -- you think I can hit the target and you'll -- sun -- On little hot metal high value in it track down that lineup this golf is sometimes that lets get involved in the game tonight. That's gonna make sure -- right on here and Ellis at. That's destroyed right there another big game winning goal from -- -- -- great job all right good luck this weekend coming up against the LA Galaxy.

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