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6.13: The Fight Fix -- Dos Santos tops Carwin, will face Cain



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Mon, 21 Oct 2013|

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Hello their fight fans on the street here in the Comcast sports net studios -- this inside fights forced update northern California shined bright in Houston this past Saturday as three of the -- His best. Were victorious start with a big tonight's main event San Jose's Cain Velasquez. Defeated junior DOS Santos via tko in the fifth round to retain his heavyweight title. It was the third time the two best -- second victory in a fight that he was more than ready for. That it was probably that I moved to Boston better. The key for us with it vs you know in some of the season he was hitting first which made it difficult for us. They -- more difficult we'll see what -- know about -- Tom Gordon there's a lot of stuff. They are for us but you know I think that the thing that we -- the best ball was the sort of reports that he has wide. More technical differences. In Atlanta so it was good. -- for often we want that I it's cold main event was between Kane's age eighteen made fellow heavyweight Daniel Cormier and Roy Nelson and what turned out to be. A really one sided bout here Cormier took the decision. Victory for second straight win. In the UFC. The fight of the night don't belong to San Francisco's Gilbert Melendez. Who defeated Diego Sanchez in the brutal lightweight brawl. It was a fifteen minute fight that ended with a flurry and mutual respect here but he'll end up getting this first victory in the octagon looking out. Remember fight fans to follow our inside fights sports Twitter page at -- sports CSN for all your northern California anime. And boxing news and don't forget that there's a fight to cover wanted to be there.

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  1. Velasquez talks about his upcoming fight with Dos Santos

    heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez joins us now you take a junior DOS Santos is this the final time you two will fight. I think Favre Favre ..... They can possibly happen you know wait on the line. Junior DOS Santos said that this rivalry has made him a better fighter. What

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    In this business so I'm. We've not been dumped sand is so right and then having had eighteen T park where our team broadcasters are standing by. And welcome to sports net essential items tennis made life a teensy part. Season. Act and the Giants eight win over the Los Angeles Dodgers last August he

  3. UFC's Junior Dos Santos previews fight with Cain Velasquez

    of people supporting me and they're waiting for a victory from from me. In Seoul. I'm gonna my best to make them happy. Junior DOS Santos thanks for joining us on Yahoo! Sports talk a lot. Thank you very much if it was a pleasure.

  4. Trilogy: Velasquez and dos Santos to settle score

    I'm goes inside quite sports coming up October. USC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez will defend his title against junior and those samples at UFC 166 games this move. Title fights between the lives junior took the first came on the rematch. And you. You go again. joined by two of the baddest man

  1. of the His best. Were victorious start with a big tonight's main event San Jose's Cain Velasquez. Defeated junior DOS Santos via tko in the fifth round to retain his heavyweight title. It was the third time the two best second victory in a fight that

  2. And objectives UFC 166. Two of the best heavyweight in the world stepped in the octagon and the business champion Cain Velasquez who fights out of San Jose took on junior the son tells. For the third time in their professional careers came the last Successfully defended his UFC belt he won by tko.

  3. by the trilogy fighting at a San Jose Cain Velasquez. If you defend his heavyweight title. Against former champ junior DOS Santos only career loss. Came at the hands of JDS back in 2011 in the rematch last December of Alaska's dominated for five rounds

  4. to let you know is not so me he. He loves is I big fan of MMA I big fight coming up this weekend came Alaska as a junior DOS Santos who we've got to pick. his heavyweight battle coming up and MMA this weekend. You know what is it going to be a couple but

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  10. That with an impressive first round tko. And in his first Ralph since losing in the UFC heavyweight crown. Did junior DOS Santos came the last whereas returns to action big clashes former standout. Antonio big foot Silva who coincidentally. Is coming

  11. easy is the go to him and you feel like there's a pretty good rhythm. Yeah I don't think there's a whole New York us. Santos a great job. He's so he's got a good and learn those. Those teams she's slugfest this new look for both. You know eastern

  12. he is now riding a fifteen inning scoreless streak. Where he's given up seven hits one walk and struck out ten. But Tina Santos pitched. One scoreless innings to preserve the shutout. Gil went assessment is added a three run Jack and Johnny Gomes had

  13. orange in point days. You know those are guys in the past we used to keep key outs we do have talented guys like DeVine and and Santos in and guys like that so we have several guys that are able to do it. Bob Melvin said he'll take its time to new clothes

  14. UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez joins Henry Wofford to discuss his title defense against Junior Dos Santos this Saturday in Anaheim.

  15. chronically. And putting on the website all weekend it's cup what you want players and I think that actors and they actually Santos from Santa Clara Santa. San Jose state couple guys. And Cardwell also Ricardo Butler San Mateo high school rival in Burlington

  16. about it. You know we we have with the emergence as did the Santos . What Bryant accomplished especially in the second half. Now ..... teams have that seventh inning on taking care of and you know Santos is a big part of that. You know emerging from the guy that

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    was two out of seven for him going in the last night. We didn't have any length going and today if I use somebody else feel Santos was three out of was three out of four I believe going into the day so really the guy that made the most sense. Was Bailey

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    Willingham is He gonna be ready to come off tomorrow from the disabled list now. We did today after that. What did you think it Santos . You know some of these guys were but I've never seen before Maximilian de de Los Angeles today and that's. That's power

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    the appreciation day at the coliseum. Where are sportscasters are stated Obama. They TO welcomes an essential I'm Daniel Santos live from the has been appreciates Sergei in at Oakland coliseum. Let's take a look back at Dallas rate is perfect game last

  20. the difference in this game outside of obviously walk off home run. The last four innings of the game Brady said just wanted Santos and sale terrific out of the bullpen for the White Sox you talked about. Relievers well those are probably two months figures