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Sat, 12 Jun 2010|

USF Men's soccer coach Erik Visser analyzes the United States tie with England.


Machine Generated Transcript

For more we go deep with USF head soccer coach Eric Visser who also coached the under twenty national team a decade ago they had amongst others Landon Donovan a handful other players that are on. This team first things first your reaction to this -- a pretty good day for the USA. I mean it's a 11 win for the US it's a 11 loss for for England it's really huge huge results for the US. We've been looking forward for us since December for this game. And I know in England they take it pretty pretty heart because they invented the game where the Americans. Won one is is a great win for a smaller Robert Green it gives the USA the draw because that Clint Dempsey goal I mean in the box scores a goal that. That's shouldn't have been able. Now let's as I think they -- the English press -- ready that was a howler it was an early Christmas gift. There's no doubt about it -- -- goal changed the game's complexion completely but -- got to give credit to the yanks because they did give -- the early goal and I think -- a lot of people saw. England score -- incident in the fourth minute a lot of people but here we go this thing could be blog city. But they rallied and they really did a great job especially a -- Wayne Rooney and couldn't make -- him -- -- contract I think it's really a credit and the strength of the American team that they showed a lot of composure and I give a lot of credit to coach Bob Bradley that the team didn't get rattled. -- -- they easily could have been rattled and loose tooth before not even at at halftime this -- set. They possessed the ball pretty well. And what they did they really did a good job when Wayne Rooney but that's inside eluded to on the it was a little bit surprised you know the role that rule when he played for England for his team Manchester United. He's of the lone striker top. This game he dropped a little bit more in the -- fuel behind the striker -- but. I think especially JD Merritt who placed Watford in England he did a great job on on Wayne -- But let's talk about another guy who poisoning -- English Premier League in goal for the United States Tim Howard. A fantastic. I mean obviously the MVP of this game for United States yeah I don't mean if it everybody knew that Tim Howard had to come up with a big game you know because we knew that England was gonna get some chances. And I just thinking you know if Tim how we've been in goal for England and green -- been gold for the US. He's gonna be in -- little bit different but Kim is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and I think he came up with before five greats say but more importantly. I think he was one of the keys after the US went down one nothing he make sure that the team didn't get rattled he kept things organized he showed his leadership tremendously during the game. You know what I like about the yanks following this game you know worse in here saying hey this is a victory for United States for the players on the team. They don't feel that way they feel like hey they had a chance to actually win this game out to door had a great opportunity late. This is a team that's not satisfied with getting a draw they've got higher aspirations. Well it's one of the things are really noticed after the game was really knows you celebration guys you know celebrating hey we yeah we won the game although it really was really -- -- is set. The team is very composed they're very focused the team itself. He's not even satisfied with the tie we are satisfied and very pleased to tie. But I think again a lot of credit to Bob -- last couple years he's put a lot of confidence. In that team this a lot of experience. And also. You Americans they have their dreams sets very high for assortment -- it sets up pretty nicely form knowledge doesn't it because that the next two games show them. In this first round against Slovenia and Algeria a couple of teams that the United States should be able to handle. Well I think it's it's a danger of the World Cup you know everybody's -- it you know and I think some people looting for the England game that might be the easiest game because everybody's gonna get up for his game but. Sylvain and Algeria are to the -- Sylvain for instance they reach the World Cup final by beating Russia and Russians on the slot so. Definitely the pats for the US easel is very good however. They gonna take care basis against the right penalty area and I don't get underway again on Friday for a team USA but as of today you gotta like where there sitting through or one game in the first our country appreciate -- Tom thanks for stopping -- to welcome.

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