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6.26: Cal Soccer Coach Kevin Grimes World Cup Analysis



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Thu, 20 Dec 2012|

Chris Wondolowski had a record-breaking season, but he still had a salty-tasting offseason.


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Chronicle live presented by Farmers Insurance rolls on in MLS this is how they choose the most valuable player you get club both get media vote. Players get a vote he weighed all of that together. And this was dominant this year from here at quakers -- -- -- 259 point 03 that's what the total was of all the boat that is -- of -- -- was number -- GRE operate. Here you really need to be a soccer. Player to know -- and -- that's how good this season once for Chris -- -- -- want -- 27 goals on the season high BM LS all time record is eleven game winners set a new record. In MLS and he's the MVPs at sunken have you had a chance to enjoy the honor in the season again. Did he really hasn't I think just kind of did their case cannot -- the playoffs just kind. Put a salty case then this offseason but it's to -- one of those things that's going to be a driving force from the to work harder. How tough was that when you guys you were so close against the illegality to go on to win MLS cup. You guys had him down one nothing and -- it hold you lose 31 what was that like in that locker room after the loss to the Galaxy on just Sarah. A bit surreal was one of those things where we have do kind of regrouped and you know we have to make each other and you know play harder we we know that it wasn't good enough we know that there's still a lot things that we need to take care of you know we still need to do built from the success that we had throughout the regular season also live from our mistakes that we and in the playoffs. On the personal front you have such a great season -- 27 goals and all the game winners that you have. But every player wants to get better from year to year what are you -- improve on what area of your game do you wanna see become better. I'm a -- there is that. It to Gaza don't have stats on you a little bit better to hold up play keeping his. And as you mentioned that you wanna make your teammates around you better we should point out. A personal high in assists this season for you at seven. And we keep the stats here chronicle live. But when you have numbers like he had left cheek and opened a lot of eyes but you're gonna open eyes internationally. Have you entertained an option to possibly play in the future somewhere -- Absolutely always. The door open I listen to all offers he would you know she would entail for me and and so for me. And you know the option is granted it's gonna have to be right now I'm under contract so. There's it'll be changed your p.s and things of that nature and so there's. -- there's an option them they excelled at the club and myself. And happy than definitely. Look into it but it's not close -- close there's you know other stuff about they're not then you know. Within seconds that's gonna happen on the talks right now with the club again. You know contract and so right now we're taking -- thing than coming out together. And part of it is this team is such a unit everyone was it was like a brotherhood for you guys and everyone talks about chemistry and no matter what sport you -- place it on. How much did a plane to the fact that you guys are so close and it really did play out on the field in front of us. I'll definitely Emmy -- deflating I've gained 28 close friends now and you know friends for life. And did there and you know the camaraderie that we have in the locker room carries out of the field and I think a lot of those great comebacks. And I just the season that we had really shows. You know what we had the locker room how close we are. Quakes do some great things in the community as well you're up in San Francisco for a reason and those streets soccer USA. It's Sunday it's a very interesting program and and you're a big part of that you donated some things based 127 goals tells about street soccer USA. Yeah absolutely I'm on actually the ambassador for actually -- USA and along with the chapters and sisco it's national. On the organization charity and out right on to another we did they. One goal at a time. Campaign and for every goal I scored you're able pledge some money for and so on a pledged a hundred dollars or preach coolest Lawrence twice at angles and get a present the check tonight -- there's a -- -- Very edge winners people that did that well until we get to go out to the practice due to see in practice part is build a kick it around them and -- present the check. You were part of it personally earthquakes community fund also doubled that number that attitude that I really got to the eventual -- -- the -- doing great things in the community. The entire Bay Area region. Personal level you've had some tryouts with the US men's national team. Is there political -- who do you anticipate another opportunity with the US men's national teams have. I don't know that there's just a lot of work that out to do and continue get better you know the ultimate goal is in 2014 World Cup. And so you know that's that's the roster wanna make and how much do everything I can't try to get there to big pool there's a lot of great players in switches and boards playing well. That this time all throughout the world so. You know -- I know my work cut out but I'm ready for and that's a claim an angle issue. He's the most valuable player in the top league in America and LS Chris one allowed -- from the earthquakes not only that. A class act getting out in the community Chris thanks very much cheaper here and that's a look next year it will be easier out --

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