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Curry: 'It's going to be a tough series'



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Wed, 8 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Yeah. So that's how it is. As I do winners time and I think a lot out at the end NBA dot com for -- She pulled the gap in right Anthony yeah totally carefully at every track in the end. A lot of time to chat with you we got to talk a little bit in the exhibition series teams they need for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's doing well in tough -- last -- -- on the street and as usual the relievers. Arsenal. Yet think this -- mean from the first person I've talked to on this organization until today and everybody's been -- Outstanding people everywhere -- and you just just up a lot of first class and that's that's very very nice and into and it makes it easier for transition for somebody who don't start of the new teammates and it's possible these young guys just. Legitimately go a lot of guys down there that they know how to pitch they know how to pitch and -- compliment each other and Connecticut have situations and they need to. And it's very. Very Smart move and but I can't believe you season. How hard on yourself if fans haven't had a chance to -- night and again I would cook anything you -- -- out in this. Earlier this. Can't thank him -- yeah first and I think I made. -- can't get my secrets away OK okay magician during -- secrets -- talent like that it's funny the magician and and this is and it's a little bit of a journeyman in baseball this season of nineteen. Nine isn't here he number nine baseball so my -- do you stay in 93 and tied. -- out but yes that is actually I would love -- love -- It's a great. I loved. Andre Agassi and where are crazy you hail from Louisiana and southern gentlemen -- need to have a home in New Orleans so wet and you miss most about. I guess just. The environment and cooking and I was and not them. Humidity -- to be good on the food and the people friends you know in the event and it's really good and then just you know they're good memories and I don't know some of the. AC -- reminder we've come from do you have a fevered pace up every -- Anything different level. Not really I mean whenever I was an inside kid who watched TV thing. I was on. Then yeah relatives out there get out now when I play at a I'm not mean I I just thought basically it was up in the morning -- Sun comes up and down is there a moment donated to the latter you know -- me me. Right so -- know that's that's fits within but I guess I had to pick somebody that. I would I would watch if I wasn't watching me -- an agreement. It's such yes yes solid and I seen him again and I'm not a number I guess that I don't want to carefully and I nature for not having. I thought they actually put it yeah not a big. Sports for today. Yeah they're being activated for the defense -- first time ever. Twelve years. -- -- So keep people. Find a way to. And I've never once thought here's -- might have been my -- It might have been. I the last time I don't think it secrets given away hope. The only team and not want to face them in the Giants lineup. And I have the chance to enjoy it. It's. Patient. Yeah don't know yeah. Realize this problem. Yes the Timothy Crawford and. Yeah. Yeah he's got really get ahead please use the Yankees didn't envision vacation where our defense and get a great out of the -- That's. That's that's something that studio he's gonna -- -- promote Israel and. He's sneaky. I think -- -- check and lost Q when you think yeah.

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