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2.14: Fernando Verdasco Rallies to Beat Andy Roddick for SAP Open Title



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Thu, 2 Feb 2012|

SAP Open tournament director Bill Rapp joins Jim Kozimor to discuss the upcoming tennis tournament at the HP Pavillion.


Machine Generated Transcript

Chronicle live in -- goes well. Thanks for joining us and bill -- is the S -- open tournament director he joins us here on the program and you know we open up with this how about a guy. -- McEnroe. Roddick. After that we have to say anymore so this term but that's worth the price of -- Tim let's say what one or big slogan right now is Roddick macaroni we -- more and I'm thrilled to have John -- coming back to kick off the event. He it came to Stanford when the NCAA title there. Turned pro in over 29 years in his career which is a record he's won fourteen titles here and sandals and he's gotta love affair with San Jose coming back here tell the story but just get them to come out. Yeah first of all he's a great -- very tough to get him signed so to me if it's several months to get him to agree to come out of the twelve -- retirement. To come to San Jose and -- play in the main draw doubles so I'm not completely stupid so I got Jonas Bjorkman who like that was the best doubles player in the world at the time from Sweden. He joined McEnroe. And they eventually surprise the entire world by it and he was the age 47 keep in mind they won the doubles here in San Jose wow that's big stuff but let's not think it's just going to be an exhibition and a guy -- McEnroe and maybe someone else who used to play. He got some of the best American players coming in the SEP opened out at HP the valley who's going to be she'll. -- and we also have a great crop of American players coming in -- ticket office and -- for instance he's won here three times that we do something different San Jose guess if you open. And they do that other events around the world we pre scheduled the matches so. Monday night we have the exhibition which will feature -- -- -- McEnroe meals round action Jack sock. Tuesday night we got querying Haas and in Wednesday's barn -- we've got Andy Roddick followed by you know frowned at me and Kyle won't feats. He's when most entertaining players in the world he'll be our featured match on Thursday night. Do you have to take any language lessons you got it got a good hole when you say in some of these names like countries represented in this thing yeah already we've got about -- seventeen countries represented coming in the San Jose. And we deal with in dealing with these agents I often don't get up early in the morning talked some and in Israel -- be someone in France they'll be talking so -- in Australia so I kinda have to time my day around their schedules to get these guys signed out of phone -- -- be tough but it's all worth it because you got some of the that's going to -- you take a look at some of the rankings facilities players. In in their careers you've got a number of guys or former top ten players in the world not exactly when you've got some like -- fees to you know former top seven player right now he's almost back there but he just had two or three weeks ago me Rafa Nadal. So and then Andy Andy Andy Roddick has been the top ten for the last ten years and the only other player that can say that Roger Federer so I'm thrilled with the line up. Now we're gonna have a great week down there and look forward how they would come out of -- people doing it yet the SE appeal in coming HP pavilion starts February 13 in runs in the nineteenth. And it continues to come back and it seems like it's bigger and better every year. How good is that tennis crowd tennis audience in the Bay Area that you're not just drawn from the south that you're drawn from all over into the central valley disease. Jim we got folks most of our most of the fans come for the Bay Area we've got people coming away from as far as Illinois we had some customers today. From Washington origin either in Southern California when things that I really focus on isn't one of the top players who -- handsome wily veterans and young guys we've got. Jack sock is going to be playing in the exhibition and the main draw. You know Nebraska who went through high school and won eighty matches in a row just won the mixed doubles at the US open with Melanie Oudin. So there's a guy that can be make a lot of noise in the future and he's starting right here. In San Jose. Another story is I went -- fan sound and -- -- back in 2005 over now toss at that challenger over there. I brought him and paid him 3000 bucks and he won the tournament and its first turn me and one he's now -- foreign. He's a ringer is a raider you're bringing entering her from the start exactly -- you know what about somebody outreach Vijay just mentioned some of these young kids -- our new faces at the time when they're showing up -- -- -- he opened. But what about some young kids boys and girls who love the game or at some of these tennis clubs that we -- all around the Bay Area. Is this a chance to get to -- we see great athletes we get to meet talk to won't find some things out. Great question Jim -- things that we do is we have a huge program involves our United States professional tennis association are certified teaching pros at clubs all over the Bay Area we work with about a hundred clubs. They bring in kids juniors adults and then each night at the SEP open we have two or three pros up on the concourse signing autographs for free. And so they can meet a pro league and autograph inspires them to work on their game and right now United States has a huge initiative called ten and under. Where the US -- putting in millions and millions of dollars to fund is because we want America to be back on top and tennis absolutely wanna see more Americans involved we're gonna see some of that. -- AP open down at HP pavilion between February 13 through the night in effect we're gonna do chronicle live. Have done it yet they feel that right -- and I think we're gonna get John McEnroe on the field you are we are. Yes they're all because of bill rap he's the tournament director and that's why we got in -- guys go down and see the SEC open down at San Jose. It's a great time to see tennis right here in the Bay Area.

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