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1.27: Chronicle Live -- SAP Open returns



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Thu, 7 Jul 2011|

Robinson joins Greg Papa on Chronicle Live to talk Wimbledon, 49ers' football, and more.


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Robinson is back to chronicle live for the second time ever. In studio and watch the entire match on Sunday that was riveting stuff especially the second set Djokovic. Really had Nadal completely off his game. Europe it's six say I think I wanted to Harry looked -- for the Mets finalized at about -- -- to watch breakfast at Wimbledon and never miss it that is a great day it's a great tradition you know it's it was so significant for tennis NBC started like tennis 33 years ago breakfast at Wimbledon is interesting because. But the only -- NBC's taken in recent years is is is the reality of a broadcast network tape delaying some matches but not absent that. What what makes Sunday special was looking to assess. How Rafa Nadal wins gets to the final has been virtually invincible he'd only lost two finals in his career both to federal goal at Wimbledon. And Novak Djokovic had beaten him four times during the year. But in the best of three. Many took the court on the biggest stage in the sport for the first time Djokovic. If He stood right there you know what what it's like -- -- -- tough right in front of our eyes and every time Nadal who's the heavyweight tennis smacked him. Djokovic took the smack and answer with one of his. And second set He just obliterated 61 came back among the third set six wanted to make of someone of a match later on so hot we proceeded. From here do you think Djokovic is the number one player in the world Nadal -- second defender at third as we as we move on now today there's no question what Sunday did. Was clinched Djokovic not just being number one on the computer which you going to be anyway but he's number one in the minds of the players now. Because he's won two of the three majors this year he's beaten Nadal had they had five times this year on three different surfaces three different surfaces. But the sport played -- so right now. Novak Djokovic is the number one player in the world in his in his season this year ranks as one of the greatest seasons ever McEnroe and 84 and a great woman this year 48. And walk anyone that the Australian Open to win the first major of the year was beaten by Federer in the semis in -- but He came back and win. Where do you put this in the annals of the of the game as far as the greatest single season so far right so far it's it's. It's right up there probably would -- taken away from the dollar away from one Frenchman won the greatest match ever played the five set Wimbledon final. From Federer that's half a year you still want to play the hardcourt season and whether or not Djokovic is body hangs up and whether He could handle the mental strain. What he's done so far were amazed to see what it is extraordinary and it's it's even this great. Against the top three the other top three players the four top men have separated themselves pretty distinctly from the rest of the world. So Djokovic against Nadal Federer and Murray this -- ten and one for so it's not just beating up on guys that for a hundred in the world. He's played the other heavyweights in deep ball. -- -- -- side Serena obviously they had not played an almost a full calendar year she she lost to drop down to 175 but there was a point the first weekend of the tournament you've made the -- Perillo you would not be surprised if we had a Williams vs Williams final again it. Will we have learned that I -- and everything you say it now -- what will we have that again. Wow I thought obviously got I said it on the middle Sunday Wimbledon I said on NBC all be. Surprised if there isn't one -- Williams in the final and I'll be you wouldn't be shocked if they were both the very next day they both lost self watching him play that day I was you and and and you know the realities -- Venus is 31 Serena is going to be 30 September. It's gonna be hard the only thing I holed out as a caveat is that the women's game is in such turmoil right now. And pet for competitive won Wimbledon was the first young player to emerge out of this kind of why don't the year and have -- look. Of a champion for women's game has been hurt because so many of these talented young players have lacked. The competitiveness and maybe the mental strength to handle something that Serena Venus the baltics sheriff Paul by the usually in the chair Paul was the one exception. Sharapova. Is the Nadal of women's tennis that he's just that -- actually share -- was. Competitive nature is extraordinary. Too many other players I'm talking about Ivanovic and safine etc. have kind of melted here yeah competitive up. Really impressed discuss she looked strong here and tennis is at that level as much here as everything Sharapova shrieking figure we're -- there. Watching it on center court at home it's just unbelievable how much she puts into every point when you're watching it live is it. Is it kind of awkward to hear it constantly hi I'm I'm I'm sad to see this Greg I'm not into it a little bit. And you don't hear -- I hear it but but it's like anything if you live on a city street yeah and you learn how to sleep at night because you block out the cars go by right. That's kind of what it is. Shareholder and as a -- played the finals of the Bank of the West at Stanford here last summer and it was it was painful it was painful when I hear from so many fans. And here's the -- When Dick Gould got the NCAAs to scampered for the first time I think it was four years ago I went over one of the early days in women's singles matches were being played all over the grounds at Stanford. And 90% of the female players for grunting and that's when I realized it was beyond our reach its too late for too many girls that's the only -- they know how. They actually say and actually say that it actually helps you if you let out there that grunt when I I I can't imagine doing it seems like it would take too much energy but. You mentioned 33 years for the live breakfast at Wimbledon 43 years NBC's been covering this sport so. Expertly so must've been bittersweet for you to sign off to peacock network and those of us here at Comcast and NBC universal that you're not gonna cover Wimbledon anymore. Yeah -- -- it was tough in that regard. We found out about thirty minutes before we went on the air live Sunday morning with the men's final so. As I I told tensions era who's been a great friend and a great -- to me for my twelve years and NBC and I told can that was not exactly a rock -- pep talk. But it was the right thing to do -- the right thing for us to know before hand. But I will say and you understand this is a professional it was a little challenge to smile and bite your tongue for six hours and then I was given the assignment of signing us off. After 43 years that wasn't easy because. I was twelve years and I'm a baby on the crew I mean there were a lot of the professionals. But NBC had to work 25 plus Wimbledon smack it worked twenty dramatic and so so -- twelve years I'm literally I was a BB amongst the crew. But it was painful because it was as as as we said earlier and Mary Carrillo actions -- -- this great points Sunday. It changed tense when NBC decided to carry why tennis at 9 o'clock in the morning on the East Coast 6 o'clock in the morning out here from Wimbledon 33 years ago. Secondly the same but the question for the NBC people's things -- Segway from one of your -- that you covered they as the voice of the San Francisco 49ers folks in the NFL the NBC people obviously have Sunday Night Football what are they hearing about finally getting this lockout lifted and gone back to the business of the NFL. You know Greg I don't think anybody knows anything more than anyone else thought I you know I left I was home for about six days between a big European trip and then Wimbledon. And in the sixties I heard all that if things are moving better. And yeah we could have a deal done by the fourth of July and now we're just past the fourth that we still here. Optimism talking but still no deal and we're getting as well go to the point of crunch about. Maintaining the current schedule it can't tackle by certain date exhibition games are gonna start a certain date. And Greg you live through this too I I keep telling people I've lived through this most painfully in 199495. Of the horrid winter baseball. And what I go back to is the spring of 95 we had that absurd spring with replacement players. We're poised to start the year thankfully Judge Sotomayor came down with a decision. I threw that out the window. We had to hurry up spring training with the real guys -- I remember what happened. There were hundreds of guys that didn't have deals because the baseball business had been shut down. So baseball went and took that air force base in homestead Florida agent camp and had a flea market that's what it was. Nobody. Player -- one in that deal a lot of guys went down there it was a quick hurry up signed take whatever you offered to get a deal done and I was remember that. Those players that went on strike that pole winner -- told there were doing a great thing. They didn't benefit at all and I fear that the same thing is gonna happen for this middle class of NFL player. That's sitting at home right now and is gonna have about a week may be to secure some sort of a deal. July 15 is today we're hearing now -- from Friday to get the deal done Jim Harbaugh has been very optimistic about getting a deal done no way and He spent much time with the new head coach of the 49ers to -- I you know obviously a new gym a little bit from Stanford I still working there when you first came -- and I had a chance to. This -- -- -- a little bit during this spring and winner in a couple of his coaches who I know. But what. G James it. You you'll you've all heard -- a great hire for the 49ers but every team 49ers included that coach to make coaching changes at the end of last year understood the risk. Understood this possibility. And it's gonna be for any team that changed its coaching staff.

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