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Boone: 'We know what our offense can do'


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Sun, 25 Aug 2013|

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But that third and I together went to keep beating you right -- -- eligible where there's got to come together you know the offense full communication. That would Graham you know. Cole got there you look brave it out you know we're on the open up right up things are good. -- game -- better this way. You know I think confidence. Built back that we know Robinson Duke quarterback to play and all but the -- play very good always got to -- he Davis Cup career. Feel like the line is where you want it to be excited every day. We always take more steps to improve on things and that's what the scores really help both understand where we are. Know we're a lot of good players right now we get even better.

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    shot was playing that game. With Alex Boone coming in stepping in he's given great continuity and Alex Boone in the Davis Cup form one of the better right sides. Of the of the season that means Alex Smith excuse me that's what it's like government

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    don't know they should have the final sale which five guys thought. That being said that we'll have nothing to do Davis Cup . You want those guys are gonna stop. It's going to be up to the coaches. Form of sports experts. To doing net

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    on fees that are. Guys go on and win majors so. Marty's had an incredible year he just had this amazing result in Davis Cup . John is there's another guy who I think can be extremely dangerous Roddick has won a major. Obviously that you you

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    t I. Yeah but not every down when they travel in a dog that's. I wanted to help all of this and I went and I have Davis Cup team here I don't just me being one. I've never been that type of this company mind you. Yeah that's

  1. s things you can get a positive way. That's him and also. The credit to defense is out there they always. Then Davis cup of regional. It yeah. Anything you can put things. And ball pretty good you know He hits tomorrow and sometimes you

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    green and gold of the Oakland days after all those years in the navy blue by the Kansas City Royals and and I it's been Davis Cup first. No but. I'm a big fan green yellow and why we Carolina and green yellow light in my it every day attire. But

  3. tournament. And any didn't and I think part of that was that he was playing a really good friend in Davis team mate Davis Cup teammate. wanted to respect the moment and really try and battle it out. All right so right after a Melbourne a lot

  4. something. As a little kid you pretend about it no news series. And actually happens Probably played ten years 15100 Davis Cup before it finally got to. The playoffs let alone the World Series but yet this conversation with a casino it's supposed

  5. fixing of Stanford is. Immature play a little bit. You know our dreams were hitting them number one in the world played Davis Cup I was. There's just no spot on on singles Agassi Sampras Roddick and yes it was so let's go for now we. We will

  6. ready bay BA all star Dell system. I'll see you at they go to the Ozzie yelled ideal fit. We talk about. Hello UC Davis Cup regatta. You know. We got out we'll buy you dinner tonight. And be out there. It's. Not. Everything yeah. What

  7. Raiders a winner. I saw this did u.'s offense defense special teams they've dominated and but did you see supported Davis Cup before the game but I just feeling that they are just gonna come alive I thought Philadelphia comment outlast. They