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2.10: SAP Open -- Fernando Verdasco advances



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Fri, 11 Feb 2011|

Jaymee Sire brings you the news that Fernando Verdasco won in straight sets to advance to the next round of the SAP Open in San Jose.


Machine Generated Transcript

Fernando Verdasco has beaten when he handed -- open in San Jose -- on either of cartilage. First set Verdasco -- an airport after a nice -- college as. Nebraska on the move -- it's been nice cross court when -- won the first set 75 match point in the second. Opponents cannot handle Missouri puts into the Nat Graham still win the match 757. --

Video Results

  1. 2.13: Fernando Verdasco After his Semi-Final Win

    They can just that these were first thing here and in the finals so. They need to enjoy and Clinton a bit more congratulations. On your run here I am I hope you play well throughout the championship match Fernando Verdasco thank you think

  2. 2.14: Fernando Verdasco Rallies to Beat Andy Roddick for SAP Open Title

    He has now our champion Fernando Verdasco congratulations. How were you able to get back in this after having lost the opening set Fernando. thanks I think that you know

  3. 2.13: Andy Roddick After his Semi-Final Win

    you know she she's wanted to for a long time and understood his couldn't be happier for. We will be playing Fernando Verdasco tomorrow you've played him a bunch of times what we need to do to hoist that trophy for the fourth time here tomorrow

  4. 2.15: Highlights- Verdasco Rules SAP Open Final After Beating Andy Roddick

    Out of tennis SAT open Andy Roddick. Gives Fernando Verdasco has managed Andy's wife Brooklyn Decker verse that ..... ATP title about what that wrap up and sent them. Fernando Verdasco grew up idolizing Andre Agassi he now works with