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6.21: Chronicle Live 1 on 1 with Conor Jackson



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Mon, 21 Jun 2010|

Greg Papa sits down with the newest Athletic, Conor Jackson, in this Chronicle Conversation from the A's dugout.


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-- Jackson a part of his first win with the opening day yesterday in Saint Louis after arriving via trade he was in Boston. All of a sudden -- soldier told they're no longer Arizona Diamondbacks. Get to Wrigley Field and be a member of the Oakland days that theory out there you are not a professional athletes -- -- traded at least one tied up. Got to Jackson your dollar brawl when he is tonight's chronicle conversation I sat down with a earlier and I asked and nobody is very. Busy week. First -- -- was pretty off promotional role in the and emotions and you know a lot of different obstacles. For the most part you know I was privileged few shock because -- north front office are the front office and Arizona you know hopefully same newspaper. They wanted to commit treason is. Arsenal and enough respect development Q you know shock when I -- looking down. No the only connected off guard was -- So we -- -- and -- -- Different feeling yeah yeah you create some new relationships over him and in your home team. But he'd been there since you know I was drafted in 200337. -- one organization kind of rare and these days so. Like he's you know the entry is part of the game and normal -- receiver group here on the side here. And -- Diamondbacks first round pick nineteenth overall in all three out of the campus here in Berkeley that does it make it easier. To be traded back to an area that you do have some familiarity of playing college ball Berkeley. No doubt about it yeah you know you can minority area he's from and -- his whether it was down here you know I thought talking at -- -- long. Who do who would have been a little difficult for her perjury he hosted on the East Coast or someone knocks it through it. -- I got a lot of friends and family out here and you view things. Parts what kind of player and he's gonna you know kind of hitter for the enigmatic homosexual Lleyton Hewitt very good numbers high batting average and worked with the count a lot of walks very very good on base percentage rolled the ball here and there then. First talk about the valley fever he had last year what exactly is that and what to -- to take away from -- On this team that. But in the dirt it was too long and intelligence -- of Arizona and Mexico and parts of California and you know the way I describe these aren't mono. Just it would keep me. A loss of 25 pounds. You know the bad place we'll I'll we'll it was really bad moment. Just opened a community get rid of him enough about seven months community over it now. Slated for his passing something north I'd put behind me. Did linger into spring training and all that your your numbers this year aren't kind of Jackson like hitting just. 238 Arizona you know it was it was almost. Each story is far from me I started off -- or yeah -- -- or haven't hit -- my prisoners if you about. And in the broad scheme -- things that's fun but not even a third of the season we're looking at bats you know usually like he and 506. For the most part it's. It's definitely a marathon and whispering so far from the season's. You know I'm going to be your forties era he's now I don't feel like I am. You know I feel like I'm I'm I'm gap -- -- guy or accountant. Draw walks in the -- and approachable and open where. Not a -- throughout your years in Arizona your tremendous hitter you have certainly have a very good approach in the box but. Coco Crisp is gonna come off the disabled list here shortly into trying to figure out what -- move pieces if BA -- you could DH. A semi regular basis is that something you're you're cool with. Was I really don't care what. You know whether you if you weren't playing outfield. Long you're on your home team wanted to get a dream team and that's actually in contention have chances to. I'm excited in the -- play whatever role Bob here and.

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