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Sun, 12 Feb 2012|

McEnroe talks with Jim Kozimor about his competitive spirit heading into the SAP Open.


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Yes take the open in San Jose opens on Monday February 13 through the nineteenth and that's right one of the best ever play the game John McEnroe. Will be playing in it but it's a doubles exhibition. There's no such thing as exhibition play. Well it is a little difficult for me to conjure up the idea of this going on having fun and tennis I. I have. Guy and I'm a very competitive person not -- as much as I was thirty years ago I admit that but I still wanna win and then if someone I'd be out there with them on fees that are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Guys -- go on and win majors so. Marty's had an incredible year he just had this amazing result in Davis Cup. John is there's another guy who I think can be extremely dangerous Roddick has won a major. Obviously that you you know I'm not going in the right direction in his career but a guy jacks talked to has got a lot of upside Ryan Harrison's not the guy's going to be a top twenty player but. You know we want guys would challenge Djokovic Murray Federer Nadal so that's where we got it really. Delve in a little bit deeper figure out what's going on one of the big things hours you got to get better athletes we got -- nab some of these guys. -- -- funny all the basketball I don't do that well this this is an ongoing debate because when I came into the game even as a kid as a teenager myself. The game was too expensive. So we got to make the game more affordable this has been gone for a bit as long as tennis has been around so. You are set to make a little sexier I think for the young kid that actually says you know something. Instead of playing basketball like a lot of the other kids -- plan wanna go out and played tennis and so that's the challenge and we haven't done enough to market -- -- not even close to doing. As as much as we should be I mean if you would tell me. -- you have twenty years ago thirty years ago that golf would whip are you know Watson arabians and at bowling and poker ran. The X games old is somebody -- it became an -- so we've got to think out of the box wonder attract fans. So you mentioned the Djokovic is in in adults in the founders of the world and there's Murray in there as well. Is this the new golden era of tennis or is there are an update a big enough body of work of players that are making it accessible to everyone to want to see. Actually think disagreements -- -- men's -- -- did you watch and it's probably the -- greatest players that ever -- arguably in -- really -- label is my -- he's the greatest lefty ever play the game I would I would definitely go -- that Pete Sampras is number two. Let it. What -- -- Nadal he's not that you know he's all right bite you you got Pete Sampras who to me was the greatest fast court player but those other two guys are right there and Elvis son. He's got Djokovic in the mix his may be the greatest court cover and defensive to our defense offensive player that I've ever seen so you have you seen it. A time where even a guy like Murray who's got a lot of talent can't even breakthrough win any majors yet so. I think we need to sort of take advantage of -- -- we could possibly get one American. Into that mix then you'd really I think seeing a lot more kids hopefully wanted to plates and see you need. One the league's better than five really really good yeah you need someone to be that guy whether it's good guy or Baghdad. Because you played the role both well into a good guys and bad -- mean most of the guys are good guys there are good people but exactly. I was taught by guys like Jimmy Connors and -- it's not that they weren't as good in the you know you didn't wanna be friends with your opponent necessarily real and people want to see a little bit of sort of friction between -- and that's part of what's happening in boxing I mean people don't have that same feeling towards the personality as well and hit a one on one game let's be real I mean you wanna see people go out of a little bit you do. And that's when you play and it was McEnroe Borg the sports fan didn't have to be tennis fan a sports fan stopped and watched. When McEnroe Borg played does tennis have that now. I'm gonna marijuana it's only does but I think we don't have enough of them because I watched I sat in the Booth. When Roger Federer play Rafa Nadal at Wimbledon 2008 I thought it was the greatest match ever seen and that it didn't translate into sort of the average fan as much as I would've hoped now we see this. Match -- Djokovic is went six hours -- Nadal. Is that gonna translate I don't know I mean I'd like to think it well but not enough so I mean if it's on at 3 in the morning that's another problem you know on the West Coast it was down from twelve to six. East Coast it was three to 9 in the morning and so. We I don't know when maybe we need to change -- schedule to among other things but -- we got we have a great sport that's a good the good news and it's a relatively safe sport and I've had some experience and friends with a lot of football guys and these poor guys. To like gladiators in the Roman coliseum. And you see that what it does -- toll it takes and their bodies some and I think we could also push kids in that may be it's -- I mean I'm not saying it's it's. You don't get hurt but -- don't get hurt the ways are these other guys do you like the way some of these guys break racquets now was there again -- -- opening as he -- four racquets on the side they -- Foreman right well I said that there was more impressive then pretty much anything I've never done real well because these -- to grow up or -- but I think better. Let's go what do you plagued with the would reds a lot of crazy things happen and he has been it's pretty quick but this way and that cost more they're a little harder to do and so he he definitely lost -- -- -- -- -- got a lot of play -- -- there's an example Sunday got to find a thousand bucks. He lay it in and people pay they put Romo Marcus back that's he's that kind of broke there's -- so maybe it's not always the where I'm hitting it in directed -- right it was a -- thousand dollars spent -- as far as marketing for the game that's I would think nothing wrong with that and we -- -- Stanford's John McEnroe he had brief stay there but also ties to the Bay Area right now I my daughter goes to school in town here so I'm looking forward to seeing her long history here with these -- -- cow palace I -- that coming back here -- a great cities so. I'm sorry that the Giants beat the 49ers but I do those things happen so. It's it's a place that's a lot of people -- love to be that I I've enjoyed coming here whenever I've just now it's in San Jose I guess that's where all the Silicon Valley guys are so -- He can pick and choose and they all get a little above a little bit of time in SF and then head down to -- act any of the plan on Monday night playing to win. And this air just like when it now what about music career -- -- up -- now. When the music career my wife was actually musician -- -- -- that when she's a great singer and see what we had our first and we have two kids sixteen and almost thirteen and when the first one was more oversight. Look if anyone's gonna do music it's me not you so I do it as a hobby and as I've said to a lot of people this is true the more I play music tomorrow I appreciate my tennis there you -- nothing wrong with that John McEnroe thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it have fun. Go and play to win. Don't worry about that he's the best left -- second best lefty ever play the games -- -- -- third down maybe you know I'm dropping in the race -- wasn't bad either so -- long as -- talked about you're in the discussion -- you know you're being very modest. But you're kind gentlemen thanks for drugs -- haven't.

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