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6.6: Morning Minute: Giants ride RV to win; A's socked



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Sun, 17 Feb 2013|

Ahmed and Andy break down the Giants' Sunday workout, discuss the back end of the bullpen, Hector Sanchez's conditioning issues, and analyze who would be the team's best basketball player.


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Figure for taking on CSN Bay Area dot com with -- Giants insider -- -- early I'm on -- dissect it full work out for the Giants side here this afternoon in Scottsdale. A light workout for the guys obviously the rundown of what went on on the field injured. Well it was a day for the pitchers just to -- rest a little bit both groups have now had two chances to throw a bullpen mound alternating every of the day so. Nobody went off the mound today just a day to pace everybody. Work out the soreness in light session -- Jeff Kent today so he's here to -- rope around. And tomorrow's when the fun begins because we're gonna get to see some live BP so. Maybe Jeremy Affeldt rival was on really well -- and just rips as it happened saying that's what it's really fun to never see. Buster Posey base Matt Cain or or Tim Lincecum base. Pablo Sandoval so it's always a treat for everybody putting us. And Jeff canyon he was here we talked animal -- and he said if you had one regret in survivor it was he wasn't as cutthroat as the should ban that you can last longer refusal more cup sort of thought it would have. Known that going in all of a sudden what he had the back into the bullpen kind of interesting there's so many lefties you brought up a good point are there enough righty. Inaudible especially you're gonna have Sergio Romo sort of slotted in the ninth inning with which is for his -- -- current plan. It will -- get a tough right handed hitter in the seventh inning. You're not gonna have -- -- slider to match up -- them could that be a problem and abilities that no he thinks he's gonna be able to get the matchup he wants. We don't testing an awful lot of Santiago Casilla they sign him to a very Big Three year deal George on Sosa really established himself down the stretch. We asked -- is contests on this team and he said well he likes competition he wants to keep the spots open. But it's pretty clear that on Sosa's gonna have to pitch his way out of a job on this team that's gonna -- one more spot for somebody maybe like a I checked again. Or one of the other veterans they have in camp but it is clear that both Casilla and condos are gonna have to step up and get those right he's out because -- going to be. Save for the ninth and we did wonder they're gonna try to keep a light on Romo at times maybe not pitch him if he's pitched the eighth inning the game before but if there's -- three run lead -- a save opportunity Bruce what you said. It is -- -- the closer go out there and get this we expect Sergio Romo to be in that spot a Hector Sanchez another guy a lot of eyes on. Alas you even more so it Buster Posey coming off that injury guy could back a mob but Bruce -- and interesting things to say about them back up catcher for the Giants yeah I said that Hector. A little portly needs to drop a few pounds here in spring training not just picking on Pablo -- of all they feel that -- came in a little heavy as well also he's going to be doing some extra conditioning. And it is part of spring train for some people they just to have a hard time you know -- put weight on in the offseason and and for some guys it's good because you you lose weight during the season you lose -- straight so for some guys don't mind coming in. A little bit heavier but what management taps you on the shoulder and says hey let's do some jumping jacks here you don't say no. And one more story line that we had here at that Giants camp today asked for his bushy. If you -- pick anyone this was kind of in honor of Michael Jordan turning -- today -- to pick anyone on the Giants who do you think is the best basketball player. Who is there and he said he thought about it for awhile. -- that Rendell thinks he'd be good downer on the basket what I. Brady's got besides fifteen feet Detroit dribble one right -- but -- out of bounds. But the adults says he's a pretty good basketball player Brandon Crawford is pretty darn good basketball player in high school. I'll take -- Valdez minor league right hander got -- -- six foot -- I don't think there's anybody aside from Randy Johnson you can post him up so. All just take him in and I'll count the rebound. Bell says he was a pretty good basketball player he says tennis you would love to get to Tennessee said. Roger Federer is his idols something and he said he's never been beaten in the -- to go to city swimming pool either melt into talked and he's good at every event is -- to listen to see him in action I see an action everyday cover on the Giants -- -- leaves on Twitter. CSN bags on the free CSN if you wanna follow me thanks for clicking on CSN Bay Area that now.

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